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Cayla the Doll

So what toys are REALLY hot for Christmas 2015?

Yep that’s right, once again we’ve got the low down on all the hot toys that kids want this year and we’ve updated the site ready for the 2015 Christmas shopping season.

The hot top toys for Christmas this year is more hi-tech than ever with state-of-the-art technology dominating the top 10 list so parents need to get savvy with the tech this year.

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Cayla the Interactive Doll

Cayla the doll is an interactive doll that's designed to help kids with their homework and other learning activities. The doll can answer all questions asked via Google, but swear words and other topics are completely blocked.

This doll can be synced using an Android or any iOS device using Bluetooth connectivity or simply using speech-to-text technology to look up answers online.

Teksta T-Rex

Teksta T-Rex

Last year's Teksta robotic puppy was so popular that it sold-out completely, every child wanted them and they ended up in very limited supplies.

This year sees the introduction of Teksta's cousin in the form a dinosaur called Teksta T-Rex.

Teksta T-Rex walks forwards and backwards, while moving its head side-to-side, chewing and sniffing on its favoured bone, along with spitting it out with big burps when its done. Very amusing!

Barbie's Colour Changing handbag

Barbie's Colour Changing handbag enables kids to hold it against an item of clothing and press a button to find a matching color in over 100 different shades.It's great for fashion conscious kids who want to change the colour of their handbag to match their little outfits.

Xeno the Interactive Monster

Another popular toy beloved by kids this year is the interactive monster-under-the-bed known as Xeno. Xeno displays over 40 different expressions through animate LCD eyes, while his pull-out snot drips from its nose and he can also fart to order.

Leap TV

The LeapTV

The LeapTV from LeapFrog has to make the list this season because of its educational value, and active video game system.

Just like the Microsoft Xbox One and the Sony PlayStation 4, the Leap TV is a gaming console that is meant to be used with a TV, but unlike the others, it's aimed specifically for children from 3 to 8 years old and puts a strong emphasis on education gaming. A big thumbs up from us.

Hi-tech Toys for Learning and Education

Eve Fifer, Hamleys toy buyer said that "This years hot toys are predominantly hi-tech items that we're predicting to be top sellers, but they're not just machines - they enable children to play while the machines increase their imagination and creativity." Good stuff.

Boomco Air Gun

BoomCo Airpump Gun

Amid big strides by retailers to create toys to not be gender-specific, kids just want to make up their minds on what they want in this day and age. Manufacturers are working hard to not group or colour-code toys to fit genders.

The BoomCo airpump gun comes with soft bullets that can be described as blaster darts and is the type of toy that appeals to both genders this Christmas.

Doh Vinci Vanity-Box

Another toy worthy of a spot in this years hot toy list is the Doh Vinci vanity-box. It allows kids to be 3D designers and let their creativity run wild. So if you have a budding designer in the making, this toy might just be for them.

Kidizoom Smart Watch

The Kidizoom smart watch shows time but also takes and edits pictures, records video, and plays built-in games. Replacing kidizoom's popular tablets from the past few years, this watch is aptly launched just as Apple releases their new smart watch in time for Christmas.

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