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So what toys are REALLY hot for Christmas 2017?

Yep that’s right, once again we’ve got the low down on all the hot toys that kids want this year and we’ve updated this site ready for the 2017 Christmas shopping season.

The hot top toys for Christmas this year includes more robot pets than ever before with state-of-the-art pet technology dominating the top 10 list so parents need to get savvy with the pets this year.

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Here's the top Christmas toys list for this year:

The Barbie 3-Story Townhouse

Barbie town house toy

The Barbie 3-story townhouse takes a modern spin on the traditional doll house that has long been coveted by little girls for decades. The townhouse has 4 rooms and a rooftop lounge for sunbathing!

It comes with the classic furniture pieces like a bath tub, dining table and chairs, a sofa, a bed, and additional accessories that make it complete. An elevator has been incorporated to transport Barbie from the bottom to the second story.

There are different features that make sounds such as a 'flushing' toilet and a crackling fireplace for a realistic appeal. The townhouse can be folded up with the accessories inside to store it away.

WowWee Chip the Robot Dog

WowWeeChip the Robot Dog image

The robot pets are making a statement this Christmas as a top wanted toy, which is something we can all get excited about. The WowWee Chip robot dog is one the kids will love as it responds to voice commands without the hassle and cleanup that comes with training a live pet.

Each robot dog is designed to have a personality all of its own, so no two will be exactly alike. You'll be able to get your hands on one once they are released after September 29. These are expected to go fast so you might want to order as soon as you have the opportunity.

Furby Connect, Pink

Furby Connect

Look who's back! Furby is making a grand reappearance with modernized features to meet today's high-tech world. Furby Connect has a lot to say and features over 150 eye animations to connect with its user. Furby Connect can be connected to your iPad to learn new phrases with the Furby Connect World app and will receive updates including music and videos.

When you see your Furby friend's antenna glowing, there is something new and exciting in the app that you can discover.

FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin' Dragon

My Blazin' Dragon pic

Torch My Blazin' dragon is a cute little guy who will really make sparks fly this December. He comes with a water filling crystal that you fill up the tank with then watch the amazement in your child's eyes as he breathes flame colored mist. A color-change treat is also included to feed him.

Torch will respond when you touch its nose with over 50 different combinations of sounds and movements. He even burps, which is sure to tickle any child's funny bone.

NERF N-Strike Modulus Tri-Strike Blaster

 Image for NERF N-Strike Modulus Tri-Strike Blaster

The Modulus Tri-Strike Blaster from Nerf is almost guaranteed to be a blast in any household. It is the latest released blaster in the N-Strike Modulus series from Hasbro. You can blast your target in one of three different ways with over 1,000 combinations!

Finding Dory, My Friend Dory

 Finding Dory, My Friend Dory image

My Friend Dory will swim her way right into your child's heart when they hear her speak over 40 phrases. My Friend Dory is motion activated and will respond with lines from the movie so your child can reenact their favorite scenes or use their imagination. Just touch her fin and you can hear her famous whale call.

Fisher-Price Think and Learn Code-a-Pillar Toy

 Think and Learn Code-a-Pillar image

The Code-a-Pillar by Fisher-Price is an educational toy with fun interaction for preschoolers and toddlers. The Code-a-pillar consists of segments that your child can connect in any combination to make it move in different directions.

The engaging toy lights up, plays sounds, and even blinks its eyes to encourage young thinkers to move into action.

VTech Kidi Super Star

 VTech Kidi Super Star img

Your karaoke super star will love singing along to their favorite songs with the VTech Kidi Super Star Toy. There is a special feature that allows you to remove the lyrics from songs so your child can sing it all on their own or come up with their very own version. It does more than just karaoke, however.

This microphone has a built-in feature that can also change up your vocal sounds. The Super Star toy also has different built-in features with lights and games to amp up the fun.

Thomas and Friends Track Master Thomas' Sky-High Bridge Jump Train Se

 Thomas and Friends Track Master Image

This is a new twist on the traditional train set. The Thomas and Friends Track Master jump set takes Thomas the Train to a whole new level with exciting and daring stunts.

It comes with the motorized train that rolls on the tracks and then goes soaring through the air when Thomas gets launched from the ramp. The train set comes with additional pieces including Harold the Helicopter to help him achieve his daring feat.

LEGO Nexo Knights General Magmar Seige Machine of Doom


LEGO Nexo Knights General Magmar image

The fantastic LEGO General Magmar Seige Machine of Doom set comes with 3 mini figures that can be combined from vehicle mode to a siege machine mode with dual catapults and a disc shooter. It's packed with action components that will take your kids on many adventures.

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