Smyths Top Christmas Toys List for 2015

Christmas is for kids - plain and simple. Which is why Christmas shopping for your little one is no easy feat. With the tens of thousands of toys available in the market today, how do you find that one present that will surely put a smile on your children's faces?

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Smyths Toys offers you the perfect solution - giving away a list of the top 15 most popular, most wanted, and most exceptional toys for your son or daughter so you won't have to raid the aisles choosing and looking around for the best gifts you can buy this year.

Let's start the list with the most wanted toys for boys:

Remote Control Mario Kart 7

If your child loves Mario, Donkey Kong, or Yoshi, this remote control kart will truly be the perfect present. You can choose the Mario version or the Donkey Kong and get ready to race. The kart runs on a maximum of 20 km per hour and can run for a full 40 minutes with a full charge.

If your son loves the Mario characters and he loves remote controls, this is definitely the perfect Christmas present.

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The Nerf NStrike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster

Nerf has a renowned reputation for high quality toys that boys absolutely love. This toy allows your son to get creative with its parts and accessories that your son can easily remove and attach again for a truly unique blaster.

The toy, which is ideal for kids 8 years and above, includes additional darts that can launch onto targets that are at a maximum of 90 feet away.

The Paw Patrol Paw Patroller

Giving your 3-year-old hours of fun and imagination, the Paw Patrol truck comes with Ryder, the toy's main character, and his ATV vehicle. The patroller, which is the ultimate rescue vehicle can hold 3 Patrol vehicles with a total of 6 when the truck is opened up.

Toys-to-life Figures that start

Boys love video games - they can play for several hours in a day and do it all over again the next day. Bridging the gap between video games and actual real play, the Toys-to-Life figures allow players to plug in the toys into a USB reader that's connected to a console, such as Disney Infinity or Nintendo amiibo. Once the figure is plugged in, it automatically appears on screen and becomes part of the game!

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Sci Scooter Z7

This scooter contains 3 wheels and feature the brand's patented flex-and-lock foot bars that are made to make riding and moving about possible on any kind of terrain. Ideal for boys age 12 and up, it provides the very same sensations of skiing.

Though these mentioned toys are highly recommended for boys, girls can also enjoy them when they prefer boys toys. Speaking of girls, here are the toys that are on the most requested list for girls' Christmas presents:

Our Generation Hair Play Doll

The doll Phoebe has beautiful, thick, and long blonde hair that your daughter will have lots of lots of fun styling. The doll comes with 12 accessories that include 2 heart metal clips, hair extensions, and a style booklet.

The Shopkins Scoops Ice Cream Playset

Who doesn't love ice cream? This truck playset is an ice cream truck complete with 2 Shopkins characters and plenty of accessories. Ideal for kids ages 3-5, the truck has everything your daughter needs to enjoy an afternoon of "ice cream selling."

This toy is great for little girls who have that natural entrepreneurial spirit as it fosters creativity, play, and responsibility.

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Little Live Pets Cleverkeet

Looks and sounds like the real thing, this parakeet is an adorable interactive toy that sings, dances, and responds to your voice. It's like owning your very own parrot at home!

Disney Frozen Bike

Every kid wants a bike, and this Disney Frozen 12" bike is absolutely fitting for a pretty little princess like your daughter. There are two spaces for toys - a basket on the front and a provision for more toys so your daughter can bring with her all her favorite toys, books, or even snacks when she's riding her bike around the yard.

FurReal Friends Starlily my Magical Unicorn

Girls love unicorns because they're absolutely magical. This furry and interactive unicorn can walk, lights up her lights in many colours, and it also comes with a free App for more fun playtime.

Now it's time we reveal the best toys to buy for toddlers.

Fisher Price BeatBo Dance and Move

A dancing and singing character robot by Fisher Price, it comes with songs and sounds that will have your toddler up and dancing, too. It also teaches your child basic numbers and the alphabet, and its tummy area features colourful lights that light up with the music. The perfect "DJ" for your toddler, the BeatBo offers endless fun for your son or daughter.

Vtech TootToot Friends Discovery House

Ideal for little girls age 1-5, this discovery house contains a large number of accessories that complete the playset. Its most unique feature is the moving lift located on the side of the house, which brings the character, Miss Nora, to the 2nd floor.

Great for make believe and teaching your daughter how to organise her own things in your actual house.

If you're thinking of buying your spouse, partner, or friend a gift this Christmas, why not give him or her a toy that's either collectible or something that provides endless fun for other adults?

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Pie Face Game

People are raving about this hilarious and absolutely thrill-seeking game. It comes with a pie thrower and a chin rest, as well as other accessories.

Each player places his face on a board that faces the pie thrower and turns the handles. If the pie (homemade whipped cream that's not included) isn't "thrown" at you, then you get a point. The person who reaches 25 points wins.

This game will absolutely bring in hours of both laughter and anxiety for players.

Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens Falcon 75105

If you've always wanted to have a piece or thousands of pieces of Star Wars in your home, this Lego edition is truly a sight for sore eyes for Star Wars' avid fans.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Interactive Figures

Chewbacca, Han Solo, or Kylo Ren will walk, move around, and talk right in front of you - these figures offer interactive play but most of all, they're collectibles that deserve their place in any Star Wars collectible glass cabinet.

So there you have it, the 15 toys as recommended by Smyths Toys as the hottest toys in the market today, so you won't have to scour the market for the best toys this Christmas.

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