Toy Retail Association Dream Toys 2015

If you are looking for the ideal Christmas toys for your kids this year, then look no further! We have the scoop on what is hot for Christmas 2015, as revealed recently by the Toy Retailer’s Association (TRA). The top toys for 2015 follow a slightly vintage theme with Star Wars, Lego and Thunderbirds singled out as “must haves” this year, with a few old favorites from last year making the list again.

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With December’s release of the new, much anticipated Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, the three toys that are mentioned at top the TRA’s “Dream List” are from Star Wars, and give boys the best gift options this year.

In addition, Frozen toys are still extremely popular, mostly among girls, as are the cute Shopkins collectors’ items. For boys and girls, figurines and toys from the much loved TV series Paw Patrol, are new, exciting additions to the Christmas list.
Here are the top 12 predictions for the ultimate Christmas toys for 2015:

1) Star Wars Bladebuilder Jedi Master Lightsaber

Every little (and big!) boys dream, this lightsaber weapon has proper sound effects and lights up, allowing kids to transform into their favorite Star Wars character. 

2) Kylo Ren’s Star Wars Command Shuttle

A classic combination of Star Wars and Lego results in this command shuttle for kids to enjoy creating their own inter-galactic battles. It is an intricate and well designed toy that will keep kids occupied for hours.

3) Star Wars Millennium Falcon Spacecraft

This special playset includes the large spacecraft with turbo laser and comes with various Star Wars figurines for a realistic Star Wars experience. This is another well-constructed, highly complex toys that includes every tiny detail, just as you see it in the movie.

4) Thunderbirds Interactive Tracy Island Play set

This playset is based on the 1960’s TV series, Thunderbirds, which is making a comeback, and consists of the International Rescue Organisation’s secret base, along with various accessories and vehicles featured in the show.

5) Disney Frozen Sing-a-long Elsa Doll

Frozen has once again made the list of the top Christmas toys for 2015, and this time, with more features, the ultimate best seller is predicted to be the large Elsa doll which plays the famous hit from the movie, “Let It Go”, allowing kids to sing along. Her necklace and her dress also light up, offering a magical toy that girls will adore.

6) Lego City Deep Exploration Vessel

Lego toys are still a hit and one of the best sellers is expected to be the City Deep Exploration Vessel, which includes a remote submarine, shark and scuba scooter.

Clever Keet Toy

7) Little Live Pets

Kids love interactive toys and this little pet parakeet from Little Live Pets is a showstopper, as you can teach it to talk and sing. It is an ideal toy for younger and older kids alike, as they will enjoy looking after and “training” their little pet.

8) Paw Patrol Rescue Vehicle

Kids are raving about the new kids’ show, Paw Patrol. They will definitely love the Paw Patrol Rescue Vehicle this Christmas, which comes with character figurines so they can re-enact their own rescue services.

9) Shopkins Ice Cream Truck

Kids are still mad about Shopkins, so this year to add to their collection, you can get the Ice Cream Truck set that contains 2 limited Shopkins characters, a treat board and an umbrella. This is a perfect gift for little girls.

10) Toot-Toot Friends Busy Sounds Discovery Home

For the younger ones, this interactive play set is expected to fly off the shelves, as it offers many activities and features including songs to sing along to, a dog and a moving lift, among other things.

11) IDO3D Deluxe 3D Design Stud

For the more creative and artistic older kids, 3D designing is trendy at the moment, and this kit provides a UV light and the ability to draw complex designs in the air. 

Pie Face Game

12) Pie Face

Ending off the list this year is a fun, family game called Pie Face, where someone gets a wet sponge or whipped cream in the face, when they turn the handles according to the number they have landed on.
So, there you have it! These are the top 12 toys for Christmas 2015, which were featured in the Toy Retailers Association List. Make sure you get your kids favorites soon, because as news gets out, these toys are going to sell out really fast.

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