Air Hogs Quad X4 Stunt RC

The Air Hogs Helix is a uniquely designed and high performing Stunt Quad Copter. It is designed for older children looking for indoor remote-controlled stunt performing excitement.

What are the main features of the Air Hogs Helix Stunt Quad Copter?

  • Stunt Quad Copter
  • 4-ducted fans
  • 4-channel control
  • Gyro stabilization     
  • Able to performs 180 degree flips, back flips and barrel rolls
  • Highly durable as manufactured from crash-resistant materials
  • Radio control is 2.4GHz 
  • Includes beginner and expert modes
  • Ability to charge from the remote control or the USB cable 
  • Included is the Stunt Quad Copter, a remote control and charger, a USB cable and instructions 
  • Suitable for children aged 12 - 15 years 
  • 8 x AA batteries required

Let's take a closer look

A Great Indoor Quad Copter

The Helix Quad Copter is a brilliant indoor radio controlled flying model. It has been designed to be flown indoors as it is so light. It is highly durable as it manufactured from tough crash resistant materials which help to protect its rotors. The unique four-ducted fans and onboard gyro stabilization help ensure a stable and controlled flight. It has full 4-channel control which enables it to easily out fly obstacles. The remote control has 2.4GHz communication and can also be used to charge the Quad Copter (as well as the USB cable).

Incredible Stunt Performing

The Helix Quad Copter is a high performance radio control stunt flying model. It is highly manoeuvrable and very fast. It is able to performs 3 stunts including a barrel roll, a back flip and even a 180 degree flip which is unique amongst quad copters.

Is the Air Hogs Helix Stunt Quad Copter a good toy for my child?

The Helix Quad Copter is a great toy for older children who are interested in learning to fly radio-control models or looking to improve their skills.

What do other customers think?

There has been lots of positive feedback from customers about the Air Hogs Elite X4 Quad Copter as shown in the review below:

"This Stunt Quad Copter is a fantastic indoor aircraft for anybody who loves to fly. Beginners will find it easy to learn to fly and will find it addictive and those used to flying will be impressed by its stability and manoeuvrability. The USB charging cable means it very easy to charge the Quad Copter without needing batteries." John, US

In Summary

Quad copters are very popular at the moment so we think this is definitely going to be a bestseller this Christmas. The market is currently saturated with Quad Copters so we think it's impressive that Air Hogs have released such a uniquely designed Quad Copter.

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