Alpha Voice Command Helicopter

The perfect gift for children this Christmas, the Alpha Voice Command Helicopter is an interactive toy with 12 voice control commands, smart hovering, auto take-off and an auto-pilot system.

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Your little ones will love flying this helicopter around the house as they control the way it turns and moves backwards and forwards! With so many features, this toy is expected to be one of the most sought-after gifts of the Christmas 2015 season.

What are the main features of the Helicopter Alpha Voice Command?

  • 12 real-time commands voice control system
  • Lights illuminate on the helicopter
  • USB rechargeable battery included
  • Smart Circuit Protection

Let's look at some of these features in closer detail...

12 real-time commands voice control system

If your child loves interacting with their toys, they will love this gift, which takes miniature helicopters to the very next level! Using the latest in technology, the helicopter has sensors that react to 12 different voice commands. Children will be able to control the toy as it moves backwards and forwards through the air and use the controller to turn it left, right, up, and down. Full instructions are provided with the product which will tell your little one how to use the toy!

Lights illuminate on the helicopter

One of the best features is that the helicopter lights up when it's flying through the air, so it can effectively be used in darker conditions. Its auto-pilot system makes it easy to control the toy, with smart hovering that ensures safe flying at all times. Other features include 3 channel with GYRO and Smart Circuit Protection. The product has a left/right trimmer and flight time is up to 8 minutes.

USB rechargeable battery included

Pretty much everything you need to get started is provided with the product. For example, a lithium USB battery is included with the item, saving you more money in the long run. Charging is quick and easy, and full instructions are provided. It only takes about 45 minutes to charge the item too! The controller that is used to manoeuvre the unit does require 3 AAA batteries, however, which are not included with the product. These are used to power the remote control, which has a distance of up to 12 meters.

Is Alpha Voice Command Helicopter a good choice for my child

Yes! The product responds to your child's voice, effectively allowing them to control their own aircraft wherever they are in the home. The helicopter is easy to use with a number of different features, and little ones can use the remote to control the way the helicopter moves forwards and backwards through the air.

What do others think about the Voice Command Copter?

As the product has only just been released onto the market, there are currently no reviews on This is expected to change - this gift is likely to be one of the most popular for Christmas 2015.


With 12 voice commands and smart hovering, this interactive helicopter will delight your child and impress your friends. Ideal for any budding pilots, the toy glides through the air with ease and even has lights on the aircraft. What's more, they can recharge the toy themselves with the battery that's included.

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