The Argos Top Christmas Toy list for 2014

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With it being still months away from Christmas few of us have given much thought as to what the next up and coming toy for the season may be.

But even with that special type of year being weeks out Argos has revealed its top predictions for what toys will be most popular. In contrast to the rise in gadget requests for Christmas, which an over whelming 50 percent of children would like. It would seem that a more traditional set of toys are in favor this year.

In fact at the top of their predicted list is a doll that goes by the title, “My Friend Cayla”, which is being advertised as the world’s first “living” doll. In addition to this it also seems that the craft bug has taken a hold of children as well with a new trend about where children want kits for making loom bands.

The head toy buyers for Argos are aware that technology is a major focus but even with this being so arts and crafts have become a huge trend for the year 2014. For the most part toys like the cutting edge Cayla doll are based upon a more tried and true version of the past, a classic. Furthermore all toys listed below were available for purchase as of July 26th this year. The following are the top ten toy predicted to be most popular:

My Friend Cayla

This doll boasts the ability to be able to chat with its user even tell stories and play games. It is being called the world’s first living doll. In addition this amazing toy can even answer a variety of general knowledge questions.
Xeno- interactive cute monster toy with touch sensors.

Transformers Stomp and Chomp Grimlock

Features realistic sounds, weapons and lights.

Disney Princess Snow Glow Elsa

Features songs from hit Disney movie Frozen. Can raise arms and includes and interactive snowflake necklace.

Teksta Dinosaur

Loaded with touch sensors it gives realistic interactions with it user also is equipped with new hand gesture technology.

My Monopoly

Customizable version of the traditional Monopoly, equipped for two to four players and is considered suitable for players eight years old and above.

Lego City Artic Base Camp

This toy kit includes seven miniature figures which include pilots, a research assistant, scientist and four artic explorers. This base camp package includes a laboratory that features an open wall set up.

Nerf Demolisher

Motor is powered by an acceleration trigger. Capable of launching projectiles up to 90 feet and provides a clip for up to ten darts.

Cra-Z-Loom Bracelet Maker

Kit allows its user to make colorful bracelets, pendants, rings and more out of a provided rubber material. They are also provided with the option of creating various layer combinations depending on the project. Included are over 600 different colored rubber bands.

Little Live Pets Birds

Toy responds to touch and in turn will chirp, tweet and even sing. The more the bird is handled the more responsive and “happy” it will become, they eventually will even talk back.

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