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Argos Announce Top Ten Christmas Toys for 2015

The favourites in the list of top toys for Christmas 2015 released by Argos include Lego, Frozen, Thunderbirds and Barbie gifts

Six months ahead of Christmas, the largest toy retailer in Britain predicts the top Christmas toys for this year.

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Both small and big screen dominate the list that has been compiled by Argos. It includes Thunderbirds, Frozen and the Minions-film-inspired Tumbling Stuart toy.

Studies reveal that gadgets influenced by the favourite films and TV shows can be found in a vast majority (as much as 90%) of the toy boxes of children in Britain.

For this year’s Christmas, it is predicted that the favourites would be Nerf Modulus, Minions Tumbling Stuart, Lego City – Deep Sea Exploration and Real FX (race cars that have artificial intelligence).

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Most of the toys in the list of 13 revealed by Argos are similar to the ones that parents themselves might have played with during their childhood days. While 48% of the parents said that they may play in order to establish a bond with their children, 10% parents opined that they themselves would play with these toys.

According to Keith Chapman who created Bob the Builder as well as other shows for children, the list of top toys for this year’s Christmas is replete with a fantastic variety. He also said that it is not at all surprising to note that Thunderbirds (already back on the screens) and characters such as Lego, Minions and Barbie are becoming increasingly popular and are dominating the list.

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Keith Chapman also noted that most of the toys listed for release in this year’s Christmas season will enable the kids of this generation, who want their favourite characters to come to life in their homes, to create their own stories.

The Complete list of Top Toys compiled by Argos is as follows:

Argos’ chief toy buyer Linzi Walker said that this year’s toy list is replete with more stars than ever before because of the keenly awaited movie releases as well as TV shows that are kid’s favourites.

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She also said that the toys such as Lego, the Tracy Island and Barbie included in this year's Christmas top toys list are actually the favourites of generations and they go a long way in bringing together the whole family during the Christmas season.

In addition, she noted that as the buzz around the movie 'The Force Awakens' (Star Wars Episode VII) scheduled to be released later in 2015 builds up, even more toys are likely to be launched over the following months and both kids and parents are likely to make a beeline for these toys.

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She also encourages parents and children to continue to watch this page for more information as toys to be released for the Christmas are closely guarded secrets.

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