BOOMco Rapid Madness blaster

BOOMco Rapid Madness blaster

The new BOOMco Rapid Madness blaster from Mattel is an air powered blaster. The blaster features Smart Stick technology which is a unique material used on every dart, and able to stick to all BOOMco shields and targets. Using this unique material means that users can see exactly where they have shot their target.

What are the main features of the BOOMco Rapid Madness blaster?

  • Features Smart Stick technology that enables darts to stick to all shields and targets
  • Two-handed blaster
  • Push button, removable Smart Stick blaster shields 
  • Able to fires up to 50 feet
  • Able to fires 20 darts in seconds for ultimate firepower  
  • Includes 30 darts, a 20 dart clip and a Smart Stick target
  • Air powered so no batteries needed
  • Suitable for children aged 6 years and older

Let's take a closer look

How does it work?

The BOOMco Madness blaster comes with 30 plastic darts that are designed to stick to the included target and a clip that is able to holds 20 darts at a time. To get started, users simply load the clip and pop it into the side of blaster; they then pump the blaster 18 times (for maximum power) by fully extending the handle forward and pushing it back. They then need to press the trigger to activate rapid blasting action.

Blast in two different ways

The BOOMco Rapid Madness blaster is an air-powered blaster (so no batteries are needed). It features a 20-dart clip that is designed to deliver high blasting action in seconds. Users are able to blast in two different ways; either as a single-shot when accuracy is needed or 20 darts can be fired in a matter seconds, up to a distance of 50 feet.

Smart Stick technology

BOOMco products feature unique Smart Stick technology; the material that is used on every dart is able to stick to all BOOMco blaster shields and targets, enabling users to see exactly where they shoot. As well as this, when children are in battle with a friend, they can press the button on the top of the blaster to activate the removable transforming shields that are fitted with Smart Stick technology, this enables them to capture their opponent’s darts and use them.


It is possible for users to personalise their blaster, with the use of Smart Stick Refills Targets (sold separately) which are printable. Using these, children can create their own Smart Stick blaster shield and target designs.

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Is the BOOMco Rapid Madness blaster a good toy for my child?

This is a fun outdoor toy that encourages children to be active and play together. If you have a child who loves running around outside then they will love this.

What do other customers think?

The blaster has already received positive feedback as shown in the review below:

"I've been the owner of several Nerf guns in the past, and I love playing with them, so I was very keen to try out the BOOMco blaster. It's a fun toy to use, with a higher firing rate than the Nerf guns that I've used. A positive is that the BOOMco blaster works using compressed air so no batteries are required" John, UK

In Summary

A great toy for all those children who enjoy running around in the great outdoors. This toy is tipped to be a bestseller this Christmas so we advise purchasing early to avoid disappointment.

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