Barbie Saddle N' Ride Horse

The doll that has been loved by generations of girls, and is still going strong, is back this Christmas with a brand-new theme. Equestrian lovers of all kinds will be thrilled with the new Barbie Saddle N' Ride Horse, by Mattel.

Barbie Saddle and Ride Toy

This will be an ideal gift to get the doll and horse-loving little girl in your life this holiday season.

What are the main features of the Barbie Saddle N' Ride Horse?

  • Barbie Climbs onto the Horse
  • The Horse Walks
  • Stylish Riding Attire
  • Easy Release Button
  • Included horse brush, that fits into Barbie's hand
  • Three AAA Batteries required (not included)

Let's Take a Closer Look

1) Barbie Climbs onto the Horse

Now, this feature is what makes this toy awesome. Much like performing a maneuver on a piece of gymnastics equipment, after attaching Barbie's hand to the ribbon in the horse's mane and pushing the button on the horse's brow, she mounts the horse in one quick motion. What a pro! Now she's ready to go!

2) The Horse Walks

After Barbie has climbed on the horse, it's time to ride! Once she's on, and comfortable, a quick touch of the button and off they go! Giddy-up! You and your child will be amazed as this horse maneuvers its way across the room, with Barbie sitting pretty as she enjoys the jaunt.

3) Stylish Riding Attire

It wouldn't be Barbie without fashion! Though these clothes are made for riding, and not dress up, they're still stylish and beautiful. Her pink helmet keeps her safe, and her matching wardrobe, consisting of a pink-enhanced, patterned tunic, pink plastic pants and gloves, and brown riding boots, complete the ensemble.

4) Easy Release Button

Barbie doesn't want to ride anymore. With the quick push of the button on the horse's ribbon, Barbie is easily released from being perched atop her pony. Now she can go get her hair done!

Is the Saddle N' Ride Barbie a good choice for my child?

If your child is in the range of 5 to 10 years, and enjoys horses, then they'll definitely enjoy this toy. (Younger kids, ages 3 and 4 might enjoy it as well, but may require a bit more help to get her to perform her special feats.) Seeing the horse walk by itself is pretty magical, and watching Barbie jump on the creature is fun as well. If desired, her shirt can be changed, and girls can still do the hair for both Barbie and her horse. It's a great source of entertainment for young girls.

What do others think about the Barbie Horse?

This toy is already a big success. Other people are really enjoying it. Girls are squealing in delight, and some are even playing with it for hours. Here is some insight from Valerie J. Wood regarding it,

"This is a fun addition for any Barbie lover. The horse is jointed for posing and the neat part about this is that when Barbie is set to get on, her hand is put on the button on the horse's neck and she vaults into the saddle. How cute is that? The nieces love Barbie and were excited to get this. It's nice seeing Barbie doing something more than being a model or cheerleader. This is very well designed. The horse walks on wooden/tile floors better than carpet but also will walk on carpet. Barbie has an English hardhat for safety and appropriate English saddle. All in all very much loved and kids were delighted."

In Summary

Big fans of Barbie will love this variation on their beloved doll. From its prancing hooves to its electronic animation, it's sure to be a hit. This Barbie newbie is a great modern way to have an enjoyable playtime with a classic. What are you waiting for? Saddle up, and go get it!

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