Barbie Style Your Way House

Barbie Style Your way house is a concept doll house that is considerably different from usual fare. It is meant to give young girls the option to customize their play experience as well as aid their growth and development.

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It offers age appropriate mental and psychomotor challenges for small growing kids. Sturdy yet so customizable, it is the perfect toy for your daughter to create her own signature style as she lives out the timeless Barbie fantasy.

Main Features of Barbie Style Your Way House

  • A doll house your child can customize to fit her own story
  • Four spacious rooms 
  • Make the experience more authentic with a collection of furniture pieces and accessories
  • For children aged three and above

Let's Take a Closer Look at the Barbie Style Your House's Features

A Doll House your Child Can Customize

This Barbie doll house lets your daughter customize it to her preferences. The possibilities are virtually limitless. She can assemble and change parts easily, decorate, add color and items as well as change the arrangement of furniture in all the rooms. This is finally a fantasy doll house which lets your daughter tell the story her own way. It is a truly unique toy for the upcoming holiday season.

Big Doll House with Four Spacious Rooms

This is a large sized doll house. It measures 56.4 cm (22 inches) high, 33.2 cm (13 inches) wide and is 11.8 cm (4.6 inches) in breadth.

It incorporates four spacious rooms on two stories: a kitchen, a living room, bedroom and bathroom. There is also a white staircase included as well as matching backdrops for each room.

The bedroom itself has a closet section in one corner where all Barbie doll's outfits can be tucked away, offering even more opportunities for engrossing play activities. In addition, the house features a fully functional door as well as a detachable chandelier.

Selection of Extra Furniture and Accessories

Make the compelling Barbie doll house collection complete by ordering a set of accessories and furniture items with your Barbie Style house. These open up the possibilities of different storylines for your child's play sessions. Choose from a dinner-date furniture set, bathtub, refrigerator, toilet set, laundry set and (of course) Barbie dolls. All the accessories, dolls and furniture items are made in the same distinctive Barbie doll colors: bright pinks, blues and creams.

Perfect for Children Aged 3 and Above

This doll house is appropriate for children aged three and above. This should not be construed to mean it is not safe enough for younger children. It is only that many children under three years of age have not developed the necessary motor skills to make the most of the customizable Barbie house. The parts which can be removed, changed and reattached are designed to be safe and have intuitive connections.

Is this Doll House a Good Choice for my Child?

I always use a three -pronged criteria to evaluate if a certain toy is suitable for children: safety, age appropriateness and how it aids their growth and development. In each of the three criteria, this Barbie Style Your Way house scores highly. It is as safe as you would want with no small detachable parts, is exactly the sort of challenging and stimulating project girls between 3 and ten years love as well.

In terms of aiding the growth and development of your child, there is no question that this doll house fits the bill rather well.

What do Others Think About this Barbie Style Doll House

There are dozens of glowing reviews of this Barbie house on the web. They are generally accompanied by top ratings. Here is a selection of a few comments posted by online reviewers:

"Simply the most complete, customizable and mentally challenging Barbie house I have seen. Highly recommended"

"My granddaughter was completely taken in by this Barbie house since I bought it for her birthday. And as a Barbie fan too, I have to admit that I love being part of her playful schemes. Me and my growing granddaughter are becoming a team now thanks to this house. Kudos!"

"I ordered this house last month, mainly out of curiosity. My six year old daughter has completely fallen in love with it. I have already ordered the complete set of accessories and furniture items too. It simply doesn't get better."

In Summary

The Barbie Style Your Way House is a revolutionary toy for children aged five and above. It is built to be customizable and fun so that your child can create their own stories and stamp their own signature impressions on the timeless Barbie fantasy. As a parent you can also be involved in play as the possibilities are almost limitless. As detailed above, you may have to consider ordering the rest of the furniture pieces and accessories to make the experience complete and more compelling.

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