Fisher Price Bright Beats Dance and Move BeatBo

The Fisher Price BeatBo is a fun and interactive animatronic mini robot that shakes its hips and nods its head to the music it plays. It's a fantastic toy for your little one as it looks like a small and adorable pet that dances and sings along to the songs it plays.

It's 13 inches tall and really does stand up and shake its booty - which is something that your child will absolutely adore. It has a LED grid tummy that lights up and it also has buttons on its feet for interactive play.

In total, there are about 40 songs, tunes, and phrases so your child will have hours and hours of fun with the BeatBo. And oh, it's meant for toddlers ages 9-36 months but older kids will take pleasure in playing with this toy, too.

Bright Beats Dance and Move image

What are the Main Features of the Product?

  • Colorful LED Grid Tummy
  • Large Colorful Buttons
  • Dance and Move Mode
  • Learning Games Mode
  • Record and Remix Mode

Let's take a closer look at the top features of the BeatBo.

Dance and Move Mode

The Fisher Price BeatBo is definitely a toy that will get your toddler moving about. The mini robot encourages your child to sing and dance along as it shakes its hips to the fun and energizing songs. This mode promotes gross motor skills and coordination, which in turn, promotes a fit and healthy baby.

Learning Games Mode

The BeatBo also features a learning and games mode where it teaches your child the ABC's, counting, as well as colors. Have you ever tried teaching your 2-year-old his 123's? Not so easy, right? But what happens when the numbers and the alphabets are being sung? Magic, right?

BeatBo makes it so much easier to learn and enjoy his ABCs and 123's because music is being used to attract your child's attention, making it a great way for your child to learn his very first actual words and numbers.

Record and Remix Mode

This toy can record 3 seconds of phrases and remix it to any of the songs, creating unique and funny sounds that will surely have your toddler pressing that record button many times over.

Is the BeatBo a Good Choice for My Child?

Toddlers love to dance to upbeat and fun music and the BeatBo is like their very own personal DJ. It doesn't just play music but it contains learning activities as well, which makes it both entertaining and educational. If you want the perfect gift for your little one that provides both fun and learning, the BeatBo is an absolute great choice for your child.

What do Others Think about the BeatBo by Fisher Price?

One actual user who has a 4-year-old and a 10-month-old originally bought the toy for the latter but even the 4-year-old seem to enjoy playing with the BeatBo. The 10-month-old love the Dance and Move feature, while the 4-year-old love the Record and Remix mode. Even the parents join in on the fun and record short phrases like, "I Love You," and create quirky songs and sounds that their entire family enjoy.

This user, however, mentioned that the toy can be a little loud and as their kids play with the BeatBo, it can get a little annoying at times.

In Summary

The Fisher Price Bright Beats Dance and Move BeatBo is a superfun robotic toy that will give your child hours of endless fun and learning. What's so great about this toy is it promotes a number of benefits that range from sensory stimulation to gross motor skills, to learning to count and the ABC's.

The mini robot itself is so colorful and it can be a great way for your child to learn colors. The LED screen and the big buttons are easy for your child to operate, and the large variety of songs provide a wide range of entertainment.

A dancing and singing little pal is a fantastic addition to your child's toy trove and with its 3 modes, it has the ability to "grow" with your baby in terms of his development skills. It certainly meets your child's needs for fun and entertainment, and your own needs for your child to learn.

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