Bip Hovertech Battle FX

It's the ultimate game of skill! Kids will love loading up with blasters with darts and shooting them at the drone! Bip Hovertech Battle FX is expected to be one of the most popular toys for the Christmas season and will test your little one's accuracy and precision.

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This interactive game can be enjoyed when they are on their own or with their friends, and comes with all the kit you need to get started.

What are the features of Interactive Hovertech Battle FX Drone game?

  • Everything's included with the product!
  • 3 different game modes
  • Drone lasts for 15 minutes
  • Altitude timer provided for outdoor play

Everything's included with the product!

A drone, 6 darts, 2 blasters and a charger are all included with the product, so you don't need to purchase and additional accessories - effectively saving you a lot of time and money. Each drone lasts for up to 15 minutes, and the unit is easy to charge, with full instructions provided with the product.

3 different game modes

There are three different game modes in Battle FX. The first, Practice Mode, allows for two continuous minutes of flight time where you can hit as many targets as you like. This is the perfect mode to practice your skills before you play for real, and develop strategies that will come in handy later.

Single Player Mode will allow for 2 minutes of flight time or when the targets have been hit 3 times. Finally, Battle Mode is for when your child is playing with their friends - they have 1 minute to hit as many of the targets as they can. The aim of the game? To shoot darts at the targets on the drone to drop it out of the sky.

The drone lasts for 15 minutes

The flying drone needs to be seen to be believed! Players will need to take aim and fire at the drone in order to bring it down. There are two targets on the unit, but players will need to use their precision, skill and accuracy to make sure they hit the right target! The drone lasts for 15 minutes - providing plenty of opportunities to hit the targets!

Is Bip Hovertech Battle FX a good choice for my child?

This interactive game offers all the thrills and fast-paced excitement of a video game but provides your child with a unique experience away from the TV screen. Everything you need to get started is provided - including a drone with two targets. You can even take aim and shoot the drone outside - making this a great activity for a summer's day.

What are people saying about Battle FX Flying Drone Interactive Game from Hovertech?

As the product has only just been launched recently there are currently no reviews on However, this is expected to change in the coming months - the toy is expected to be a big seller this Christmas.


Take aim! Shoot! The Hovertech Battle FX comes with three different player modes, darts, blaster and drone for a truly interactive experience. Your child will love playing with this toy on their own or with their friends as their drone hovers in the air 1 meter from the ground!

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