The New Bright RC Pro Reaper

There is no doubt that nothing else replicates the speed, power and agility of a rugged ATV like the new Bright RC Pro Reaper.

Bright RC Pro Reaper image

The fusion of it's lightweight frame and ultimate performance, backed up by a combination of unmatched power and pure speed gives rise to an all-around, well-made toy. But the RC Pro Reaper is not your everyday toy car.

Not only is it controlled remotely, but it also sports a high-impact polycarbonate shell that makes it at least five times as durable as your average plastic toy.

Here is a quick primer of some of it's outstanding features.

  • Made of a high-impact but ultra-lightweight polycarbonate shell
  • Radio/remote controlled toy
  • Has both forward and reverse navigation mechanisms
  • Sports an intuitive in-built 4 band auto pairing module

Let's take a quick look at the significance of each of the above features;

A high-impact but ultra-lightweight polycarbonate shell

As usual, kids are bound to smash their toys on walls and rocks when playing with them. Thus, in a bid to counter this, the manufacturer saw to it that the RC Pro Reaper's exterior is made of a high-tensile, super durable polycarbonate shell that can easily take more than a few hard knocks and falls. Not only does this make the entire unit very durable, but it also means that your child will be at a lower risk of injuring themselves with the small parts from broken toys.

Radio/Remote control

The RC Reaper has a fairly strong remote control unit that has a range of over 100 feet. So, with this toy, your child will have the luxury and flexibility of moving around as much as they can.

Forward and reverse navigation mechanisms.

Unlike other toys, the RC Pro Reaper can reverse as fast as it can accelerate forward. And mind you, this little guy can sprint from 0 to 15mph in under 10 seconds. In fact, the Pro Reaper RC is one of the best toys you can use to teach your kids how to drive actual cars.

An inbuilt 4 band auto pairing module

For the sake of those of us who are not familiar with remote sensing technology, a 4 band auto pairing module allows two or more devices to be controlled using a single control unit or vice versa. In this case, the 4 band auto pairing module syncs the RC Pro Reaper with a separate vehicle band to enable easy/fluid multiplayer racing with up to three competitors. ( Just like in real-life racing.)

Is the New Bright RC Pro Reaper a good choice for my child?

If you have a child aged between 8 and 12 years, then the Bright Pro Reaper is arguably one of the best toys out there for them. Aside from being light enough for them to carry to school or play, it is also intuitive and very well-designed.

What do others think about the Bright RC Pro Reaper?

Going by the existing Amazon reviews, it is very clear that the RC Reaper has impressed its fair share of a variety of past users. For instance, Mary Stuart from Detroit, says, " Of all toys I've purchased in the past for my son, this is the first one that I have really liked. And he likes it too, especially the way it accelerates powerfully even in muddy pavements and gravel. It's definitely worth your dollars."

The bottom line

If you're looking for the ultimate outdoors and indoors interesting toy for your auto-loving kid, then there is no way you will regret picking up the new Bright RC Pro Reaper in your next shopping excursion.

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