WowWee CHiP the Robot Dog

If your child has begged you for a robot dog, you may be interested in finding out more about WowWeeCHiP the Robot Dog.

WowWeeCHiP is an intelligently designed robot pup which responds to motion such as claps and can interact with a variety of smart devices such as smart phones and tablets. 

 CHiP the Robot Dog Image

What are the main features of WowWeeCHiP?

  • Can be controlled via a free application 
  • Boasts beaconsense, so that WowWeeCHiP can sense its surroundings 
  • Responds to gestures
  • Infrared vision 
  • Mecanum wheels
  • Touch sensors 
  • In built gyroscope/accelerometer, which will allow WowWeeCHiP to sense when it's being picked up 
  • Voice recognition 
  • Smart bed charger
  • Smart ball
  • Smart band, which alerts your child to their new pet's needs 

Let's take a closer look:

1. Can be controlled via a free application 

After downloading a free app to your smart phone or tablet, your child will be able to control their robot dog directly from a smart device. 

2. Infrared vision 

As a result of its infrared vision, your child's robot companion will be able to "see" and interact with its environment. WowWeeCHiP is even able to play with items like its smart ball. If your child rolls their pet's smart ball towards the, WowWeeCHiP will fetch it and bring it back to your child. 

3. Voice recognition 

WowWeeCHiP boasts advanced speech recognition technology, which will make it possible for your child's new friend to respond to voice commands and to recognize its name. 

4. Responds to gestures

WowWeeCHiP responds to a variety of gestures such as claps, swipes and touch. As an example, if your child claps, WowWeeCHiP will move in response. WowWeeCHiP also responds to touch as it has a myriad of inbuilt touch sensors. So if your child enjoys petting their new friend, their pet will be sure to respond enthusiastically by barking or moving it's ears and eyes. If your child nuzzles their pet with their nose, their robot dog will nuzzle them right back.

Is WowWeeCHiP the Robot Dog a good choice for my child?

Whether your child has been begging you for a dog for weeks or your child loves technology and loves the idea of training their very own robot dog, you can't go wrong purchasing WowWeeCHiP as it's the most advanced robot dog on the market. Not many robot dogs boast features such as a built in accelerometer, voice recognition, infrared vision and beaconsense. 

What do others think of WowWeeCHiP?

WowWeeCHiP has received rave reviews and is heralded as the best robot pet on the market. Eric, a father of two loved how WowWeeCHiP can pre charged and was ready to play with his kids as soon as he lifted it out of its box.

Within minutes Eric's children were in love with their new dog and watched it perform a variety of tricks such as lying dog and dancing, within the first few minutes of play. Eric also raved about how WowWeeCHiP effortlessly glided around his lounge, without hitting any obstacles such as walls.


If your child is interested in artificial intelligence and have begged you for a robot dog, you simply can't go wrong purchasing WowWeeCHiP the most technologically advanced robot pet on the market.

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