Cayla Doll

Cayla Doll

Unlike most dolls on the market today, 'My Friend Cayla' just loves to chat!

The Cayla doll is manufactured by Vivid and has got thousands of things to say; she can read stories, play games, answer lots of questions and even help with homework! The Cayla doll could soon become every little girl's new (and cleverest) best friend!

What are the main features of the Cayla Doll?

  • Highly interactive
  • Able answer questions through an internet connection
  • Able to recognise speech and hold simple conversations
  • Children can ask questions and Cayla will answer
  • Syncs with Android or iOS device
  • App includes internet safe technology
  • Includes a pre-defined ‘bad word’ list
  • Parents can block unsuitable internet content
  • Has beautiful long hair and a fashionable outfit
  • Stands at 18 inches high
  • Suitable for children aged 4-10 years old
  • 3 x AA batteries (not included)

Let's take a closer look

What questions can the Cayla doll answer?

The Cayla doll is able to answer a range of questions about herself such as those relating to her family, pets, likes and dislikes. As well as this, she is also able to answer general knowledge questions such as those relating to maths, geography, sport, science and more!

What else can the Cayla doll do?

The Cayla doll is also able to play games, tell stories and talk about photos. As well as this, she is still a doll so little girls can enjoy brushing her long hair.

What does the Cayla doll look like?

The Cayla doll stands at 18 inches high and has long blonde hair. She wears a blue jacket and leggings, with a white t-shirt underneath. She also wears a purple skirt, trainers and necklace to complete her modern look.

How does the Cayla doll work?

The Cayla doll contains a speaker in her stomach, which she 'talks' out of, and her necklace is a listening device. The Cayla doll is able to answer a wide range of questions by listening to what is asked; these words are then sent to an app installed on any iOS device or Android device that connects to the doll by Bluetooth, the app is then able to translate what is asked into text and uses key words to search the internet for an answer. The Cayla doll is then able to speak what she has discovered.

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Is the Cayla doll safe for children?

Using the Cayla doll online is very safe. There are a variety of safeguards in place to ensure that inappropriate material is not accessed by children.

The Cayla doll's ability to search the internet is limited by Google’s SafeSearch technology which means it is able to block unsuitable content and words. As well as this, parents can log into the smartphone app used to control Cayla to block any words they consider unsuitable.

The manufacturer states that if the doll thinks she has heard a swear word, or anything else unsuitable such as phrases relating to race or body parts, any internet searches are automatically shut down, and the doll will respond with ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about' or not say anything at all.

Is the Cayla doll a good toy for my child?

The Cayla doll is a great toy for little girls as it is not only fun, but also educational. Playing with the Cayla doll encourages children to interact and participate in role playing games such as dressing up. The Cayla doll is also educational as she is able to answer questions about many different topics.

What do other customers think?

There has not lots of positive feedback from customers about the Cayla doll, and the comment below is one of these:

"This was a present for my 6 year old niece and she absolutely loves chatting away to Cayla. We have an iOS system at home where the doll works perfectly. I strongly recommend Cayla as a Christmas gift for anyone who would like a unique doll with a difference." - Sally, US

In Summary

The Cayla doll is expected to be a hit during Christmas 2014 so we suggest buying early to avoid disappointment. We feel sure that the Cayla doll is going to soon be chatting away to little girls everywhere!

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