Little Live Pets

Has your child been pestering you to buy them a pet? Don't want a real animal in the house? Well now there's a solution! The Clever Keet will become your child's feathered friend - this toy is just like a real bird but only smarter! Your child will be able to teach this toy how to sing, swing, and even dance. It even drives its very own cart!

Clever Keet Toy

The Clever Keet is set to become one of the most popular toys for Christmas 2015 - it will respond to your child's voice and become an instant companion.

What are the main features of Clever Keet Live Little Pets?

  • Clever Keet can sing, dance, talk, and flap its wings - it's completely interactive!
  • Can learn words and phrases and say them back to you
  • Playground included
  • Instruction booklet included

Let's take a closer look...

Clever Keet can sing, dance, talk, and flap its wings

Using the latest in technology, Clever Keet is the interactive pet that's sure to be a hit with any bird lover. The product can talk to your child, flap its wings, dance, sing, drive in its cart, and even recognize itself in the mirror! How many birds can do that?! This robo-pet is suitable for children aged 3 and above, and will instantly become one of their closest friends. But that's not all. This toy will provide hours of enjoyment for the whole family - especially when it dances or talks!

Can learn words and say them back to you

Clever Keet can learn words and say them back to your child, making this one of the smartest toys on the market this Christmas. A full instruction booklet is provided with the product, which will help your child train the bird and interact with this digital pet. It's simple to set up and soon your child will be surprised, delighted, and fascinated!

Playground included

Everything your child needs is included with the product, such as a mirror, bird swing, and cart. Watch the bird recognize itself in the mirror or drive its own cart. This toy needs to be seen to be believed!

Is Little Live Pets – Clever Keet a good choice for my child?

Described as the "world's smartest pet", this interactive pet can talk, sing, dance, and swing - and you won't have to buy it any food! This is one of the most innovative toys on the market this year, and offers your child a unique experience that will prepare them for having a real-life pet in the future. Clever Keet does pretty much everything a normal bird would and then some. Watch it dance, sing, talk and interact with its surroundings.

What are others saying about Clever Keet from Little Live Pets?

As this is a brand new product, no reviews have been left on yet. This is expected to change soon.


It sings! It dances! It talks! It can only be Clever Keet from Little Live Pets - the interactive robo-pet that your child will love this Christmas. Everything's included with this gift so set-up is easy, and it will provide hours of laughs and fun. This gift is ideal for bird lovers who want to experience the joy of owning a pet without actually owning a real animal.

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