Doc McStuffins Get Better Check Up Center

Doc McStuffins is a popular animated children's television show on Disney Junior. Doc McStuffin stars a 6 year old girl who can fix broken toys with the help of her animal friends. The Doc McStuffins Check Up Center is an interactive play set that includes everything children need to imagine they are the Doc fixing their own broken toys and giving checkups.

What are the main features of the Doc McStuffins Get Better Check Up Center?

  • Play set has 10 built in features including lights and sounds, talking 'Big Book of Boo Boos', light and sound x-rays machine, a height chart, a portable scale and a bandage sticker dispenser
  • Features lots of medical accessories
  • Features electronics
  • Includes sounds, phrases and fun play features
  • Includes the check up center, reflex hammer, otoscope, x-rays, portable scales, syringe, cell phone, 3 peg board holders, a roll of stickers and a Lambie figure 
  • 3 x AA and 2 x AAA batteries are required and not included
  • Assembly required
  • Suitable for children aged 3 - 6 years

Let's take a closer look

The interactive Doc McStuffin play set includes a variety of fun play features designed to keep young girls and boys busy fixing their own broken toys for many hours.
What's included?

This play set includes many different fun features and accessories;

Lambie (Doc McStuffin's friend) is included and is designed to be children's patient. Lights and Doc McStuffin talking sounds are activated when children place her on the check up table

  • There is an electronic 'Big Book of Boo Boos' (featured in the television show) to help children diagnose Lambie
  • There is an x-ray machine which children can slide Lambie's pretend x-rays into to activate lights and sounds 
  • There is a cell phone to allow children to speak to Hallie
  • There is a height chart with a leaf that children can move up and down to measure Lambie's height
  • There is a the portable scale to allow children to check Lambie's weight 
  • Children can give bandage stickers to Lambie from the dispenser on the clinic door 
  • There is also a lab coat and a first aid kit with a variety of fun accessories for checkups out and about!

Is the Doc McStuffins Get Better Check Up Center a good toy for my child?

The Doc McStuffins Get Better Check Up Center is great toy for all those little boys and girls who love the television show and enjoy re-enacting their favorite scenes from it. This toy encourages children to develop their imaginations through role-play. This toy is also useful for improving children's understanding of the medical world as it allows them to play 'doctor' and begin to identify feeling such as empathy.

What do other customers think?

There has been lots of positive feedback from customers about the Doc McStuffins Get Better Check Up Center, including the following:

" My daughter loves the Doc McStuffins television show and enjoyed interacting with this play set straight away. I really love it that the manufacturers have cleverly taken a kitchen toy set up and turned it into a vet table instead." Toni, US

In Summary

This is a brilliant role-play toy perfect for little children who love the Doc McStuffin television show and want to be just like her! We think it's going to be a huge hit this Christmas.

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