Doh Vinci 3D Deluxe Styler

Doh Vinci 3D Deluxe Styler

Play-Doh has recently released an innovative new decorating compound called 'Doh Vinci'.

The Doh Vinci 3D Deluxe Styler, which has been manufactured by the reputable children's toy company Hasbro.

It allows children to create their own colourful and decorative 3D artwork on many items including cards, accessories and photo frames.

What are the main features of the Doh Vinci 3D Deluxe Styler?

  • Allows users to create 3D designs
  • Allows many different designs to be created
  • Hardens overnight
  • Includes Deluxe Styler, 4 design tips, 3 Deco Pop tubes and an inspiration guide
  • Deco Pop refills in other colours are available to purchase separately
  • Suitable for children aged 6-12 years old
  • Non toxic

Let's take a closer look

What is Doh Vinci?

Doh Vinci is a special air drying dough that can be easily picked up once dry. The dough is able to stick to all sorts of surfaces without cracking, which enables children to be creative by applying it to a variety of different surfaces and objects.

What is the Doh Vinci 3D Deluxe Styler?

Small tubes of the Doh Vinci compound are placed inside the styler tool which resembles a glue gun. The styler is then squeezed, which extracts the compound, which can then used to decorate many items including cards, pictures, room decor and photo frames.

How does it work?

Children simply add a Deco Pop to the styler tool, before pushing out the dough onto any surface. Changing colours is easy; children simply need to push the tube backwards out of the styler and pop in a new one, then just aim and squeeze onto their masterpiece!  The styler tool comes with 3 Deco Pop tubes and 4 design tips allowing children to create lots of beautiful designs in different colours. All pieces of artwork need to be left overnight to harden.

What else is included?

The dough is available in 8 bright colours and comes in tubes called Deco Pops. Each deluxe styling tool comes with 3 Deco Pops in warm green, warm pink and cool blue. Also included are four unique styling tips, which are designed to easily fit onto the styling tool allowing children to create shapes such as hearts, stars, flowers and butterflies.

Is the Doh Vinci 3D Deluxe Styler a good toy for my child?

If you have a child who is artistic, then this toy will spark their creativity. They will enjoy using their creative skills to decorate different items with colourful designs. This toy also encourages imaginative skills as children can create their own designs.

What do other customers think?

There has been a lot of positive feedback from customers as show in the review below:

"This is a fun little art project toy, which is great for rainy days. It also gives the chance to make memories that can be kept for many years. I'd recommend it". Pam, US

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In Summary

This toy is tipped to be a huge hit with all children who have a creative streak this Christmas. We can already visualise lots of colourful pieces of artwork displayed in many homes by the New Year.

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