Dream Toys Release Christmas 2013 Toy List

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Parents are about to hit the stores in a bid to get their hands on the hot Christmas toys for their children and as predicted by Dream Toys this year, the toys which are likely to be bought are robotic puppies, Lego kits and Furby.

The UK Toy Retail Association (TRA) have a yearly ritual whereby they gather together all the bods in the retail industry and predict which toys will make the highest sales.

Last year, the TRA predicted that tablets and Furby would be the top selling toys. Their predictions turned out to be correct since these were actually the top selling toys of 2012!

Old classics and inspired by technology

For 2013, their prediction list has a mixture of old classics and toys which have been inspired by technology, such as the Flutterbye flying fairy doll.

Flutterbye Flying Fairy Image

Some of the familiar names featured on the list include the Nerf gun, Lego City Coast Guard, Monopoly board game and the all new Furby Boom. Other traditional toys on the list include a glittery doctors play set, a cute spinning fairy and tablet computers such as the InnoTab 3S and LeapPad Ultra (no suprise there then!).

Announced in London

Marylebone, London was the venue where these toys were unveiled. This exhibition was attended by retailers, manufacturers and children. A good number of them were dressed as the Minnie Mouse cheerleader character or the Ninja Turtle Teenage Mutants.

The chairman of the Dream Toys Committee Gary Grant predicted that the year 2013 was going to be a great year for toys. He also pointed out how technology was stamping its signature on the type of toys making it to the list. He mentioned the robotic dogs, pads and flying fairies as some of the toys.

InnoTab 3S Image

According to statistics from a research done by NPD Group, by the end of 2013 tablets will account for up to £80 million in terms of sales out there. It is expected that up to one million children tablets will be sold by the end of the year.

According to Frederique Tutt who is an analyst at NPD Group, that needs to be considered as a good sign considering how low the sales have been this year. Some of the factors that led to the poor sales include poor outdoor sales due to the poor weather and the decline of sales in the post-Olympics period. He also pointed out the fact that this year has not had a big blockbuster movie.

British toy market labelled as profitable

The British toy market is very profitable with a net worth of £3 billion. Every year 435 million toys are sold raising up to £1 billion.

The good news this year is that the parents will be able to save some money with the LeapPad being sold at £119.99. The list for this year has up to 50 of the most wanted toys with up to 80% being sold for £25 and below.

This list also includes the Sill Moo which is a cow that excretes cow pat or milk when milked. It is available for £24.99 and this is a good rival for the Doggie Doo.

Toys that made the list of Dream toys 2013 include:

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