Finding Dory My Friend Dory Toy

If your little one is a huge fan of the animated blockbuster Finding Dory, they'll love Finding Dory My Friend Dory, an interactive toy which utters memorable phrases from Finding Dory that your child will be sure to recognize.


What are the main features of the interactive Finding Dory toy?

  • Responds to movement
  • Over 50 unique phrases 
  • Realistic facial expressions 
  • Realistic body movement
  • Runs off four standard AAA batteries 

Let's take a closer look:

1. Responds to movement 

If your child moves their Dory left, right, up or down, they'll get a different response. To discover all of Dory's phrases, your child will have to experiment with different ways to move Dory. If you turn Dory upside down, she'll scream. If you touch different parts of Dory's body, she'll also respond in a unique way.

2. Over 50 unique phrases 

As well as speaking a variety of phrases, Dory may even sing your child a special song. If your child touches Dory's fin, Dory will even speak in whale, which is sure to delight children of all ages.

3. Realistic facial expressions 

Your child will be amazed that their Dory's facial expressions will mirror the facial expressions that Dory used in the hit Disney movie Finding Dory. Better yet, My Friend Dory boasts expressive blinking eyes. If you touch Dory's mouth, you'll find that her eyeballs will move as a reaction.

4. Realistic body movement

My Friend Dory's fins and eyes move much the way a real Tang fish's fins and eyes would move. It's obvious that the creators of My Friend Dory, wanted her to look as realistic as possible.

Is Finding Dory My Friend Dory a good choice for child?

A small child such as a four year old may find Dory a little big to carry around but children aged 5+ are sure to fall in love with My Friend Dory and her adorable phrases and expressions. If your little one is a fan of Finding Nemo and Finding Dory, they'll be sure to carry My Friend Dory around with them, everywhere they go. Finding Dory, makes an excellent gift for both girls and boys.

What do others think about My Friend Dory?

The majority of parents and children rave about My Friend Dory. However, parents just advise other parents that My Friend Dory, isn't a water toy and can't be submerged in a bath tub due to it's electronic parts. One mom Amy Henley, loved how that even after a month of owning My Friend Dory, she and her son would hear Dory uttering brand new phrases, that they'd never heard before. Amy also raved about how My Friend Dory's voice is authentic and sounds just like the Dory kids know and love. 

In Summary: 

My Friend Dory is ideally suited to children aged five and older and is sure to put a smile on the face of Dory fans of all ages. So if you're looking for a gift for a Dory mad child, you can't go wrong purchasing your little one their very own Finding Dory My Friend Dory.

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