Fisher Price Code-a-Pillar

The Fisher Price Code a pillar toy is for children from 36 months to 6 years. It is a think and learn toy to help children think independently, it also helps children to develop skills like critical thinking, discovery, reasoning, problem solving and sequencing.

It includes one sound element and it can also go straight forward in a line three times and it also does two left turns and two right turns this way it is making the product fun and enjoyable for children while learning new skills.  

Main Features of Code-a-Pillar

  • Encourages children to use their minds and think independently
  • Develops sequencing skills 
  • Develops critical thinking 
  • Develops reasoning 
  • Develops discovery 
  • Develops memory 
  • Develops problem solving 
  • Encourages experimentation 
  • One sound segment is included 
  • Has one straight movement 
  • Has two right turn movements 
  • Has two left turn movements 

Let's take a closer look

Problem Solving

This Code-A-Pilar has a unique way of making small children using and developing a problem solving skill without them knowing it. By needing to make this toy move in any sequence other than straight the removable body parts of this toy need to be arranged in different sequences for different results, the child is then forced to make decisions based on the direction they with their toy to go. 


As certain parts of this toy moves in certain directions, each part coded with a certain colour, the child needs to memories what each colour can do, helping and encouraging the child to remember his favourite sequence.


As each part has a different movement capability, as each section is added in different orders the overall sequence of movement will change. 


Children love sounds and interactive toys, making this toy perfect for children. Along with every other great feature listed above, children will love playing with this musical and interactive Code-A-Pillar. 

Is the Code a pillar a good product?

The Code a pillar is a good choice of children's toys as it has more than one feature to it meaning that the child/children who got this toy shouldn’t get bored easily with it, the Code a pillar is an interactive toy which helps children learn more than just their ABC's and 123's.

The Code a pillar also moves around on its own to make this more exciting for the children as it is not just a toy that stays still while they press buttons it is a toy that can excite the children as well as the children just learning from it.  

What do customers think about the product?

Overall the reviews on the Code a pillar are genially good. One customer has written the Code a pillar is great I have brought it for my 2-year-old son for his birthday, it was bigger than expected so you need a lot of ground space, if you have a small apartment or flat I suggest that you don’t buy it. All in all the Code a pillar is good because u can dismantle it and put it back together correctly in order for the Code a pillar to run again, it also lights up cool colours in the dark which looks pretty neat. 


Over all, the Code-A-Pillar is an excellent choice for parents who not only want their children to have fun but also learn many life skills they will need as their growing. With the bright lights and exciting noises, children every were will want to play with this Code-A-Pillar and even learn some important skills without even noticing. 

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