Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex

Remember when you saw the Jurassic Park movie and felt sad that the T-Rex could only do so much? What if you had a T-Rex who could also use modern weaponry and help man fight his enemies? The Ultra T-Rex from Fisher-Price will unleash your imagination and make you win wars that the Jurassic age could not eve nbegin to imagine.

The Imaginext Ultra T-Rex from Fisher-Price is the best gift you can give to an imaginative, intelligent and adventurous child who can bring the Jurassic age and modern warfare together right in the living room. What better gift can you think of for Christmas for the curious little nephew of yours? Built to last, this Ultra T-Rex is fun not only for the child, but also for the adults in the family. Let the Imaginext T-Rex rule!

What are the main features of the Imaginext Ultra T-Rex?

  • 3 power pads
  • Button to push boulders
  • Lever to use projectile claw
  • 3 Imaginext figures with helmets and accessories
  • Trap door
  • Jail
  • Glider

Let's take a closer look at some of the remarkable features of the Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex:

3 power pads of the Ultra T-Rex:

The three power pads of the Imaginext T-Rex are the tail power pad, the hip power pad and the one that helps open and close the terrifying jaw of the T-Rex. The Tail power pad helps the T-Rex to move forward and make sounds that will send chills down the spines of its enemies. Let your Ultra T-Rex stomp around bellowing its way through the Jurassic terrain.

The hip power pad raises the T-Rex to its full height, a sight that will leave you speechless and that will invoke fear of such a deadly predator. The hip power pad also brings to life the eye LEDs that glow red with anger at whoever crosses the Imaginext Ultra T-Rex. The third power pad opens the death-pronouncing jaw of the Fisher-Price Ultra T-Rex and also helps its friends to fire projectiles at the enemies.

Button to push boulders

In the Jurassic age, boulders were the common weapon of use. The Ultra T-Rex. although equipped with modern projectiles to win wars, also uses boulders to aim at enemies not far enough for projectiles. Casualty is high if you are in the path of the boulders. Beware of them and the wrath of the Imaginext T-Rex.

Boulders will fly, blood will flow and the T-Rex will emerge victorious. Push the button to wreak havoc on unprepared enemies and watch them fall. To create more fearful impact, use the Tail power pad to make the Fisher-Price T-Rex growl. At this point, half the battle is won.

Lever to use projectile claw

Use the lever to hurl boulders and other physical features at your enemy. This lever brings to life the deadly projectile claw of the Ultra T-Rex.

3 Imaginext figures with helmets and accessories

These three Imaginext figures are as valiant, heroic and courteous as the Knights of King Arthur’s Round Table. They will promise allegiance to you and live up to their words. With their Ultra T-rex as their primary weapon and pet, they will win back the world for you. They will also ensure that their Imaginext Ultra T-Rex remains out of harm’s way. Their helmets and other accessories aid them in their noble mission of saving the planet and keeping their Fisher-Price Imaginext T-Rex far from extinction.

Is the T-Rex a good toy for your child?

The way this product has been named is proof that the company is well-aware of their target audience - curious children who believe in the world of the dinosaurs and knights. The name also suggests a connection between the Jurassic age and the modern day of projectiles.

With books, movies and television shows on how science and archaeology are joining hands to find out what the world was like in the Jurassic age and what led to the extinction of such huge predators, it is only normal that children will be eager to hold and own a dinosaur of their own. Stories on the physical prowess of the dinosaurs and their ability to destroy everything on their way will only fire the imagination of curious children of what it would be like to wage wars with dinosaurs in their armies.

It is easier to search for the toy with variations of the name. So, it is really useful even if you do not remember the full name all the time.

What do others think of the Fisher-Price T-rex?

Users of the T-Rex just love it. Some customers say, on Amazon, that it is delightful of the T-Rex to invade their living room. The T-Rex skeleton fitted with three helmet-wearing tribal soldiers out to save the world and keep it safe for the dinosaur are delightful toys not just for the children in the house, but also for the child in grown up men.

In Summary

Get the Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex this Christmas to see the twinkling in your child’s eyes. Watch his imagination soar when s/he spins stories right in front of you. This toy is also educational with all the sound and light effects. It is almost playing with a real one.

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