The Fisher-Price Smart Toy Bear

The Smart Toy Bear is a magnificent Toy that ensures an exciting and very interactive experience for your child. This is because of its incredible features.

Fischer Price Smart Toy Bear Image

What are the main features of the Smart Toy Bear?

  • Ability to gain knowledge of your youngster’s favorite activities and things.
  • Recognizes when he has been tossed up in the air through his accelerometer.
  • He can have real conversations with your child through his voice recognition feature.
  • His image recognition feature enables to have visual recognition of the nine Smart Cards that are included with him.
  • Has the ability to recognize the weather, events happening around the world and even what time of the day it is.
  • Interacts with the rest of the family by playing games.
  • Ability to come up with stories where your youngster chooses what comes next.
  • Does not transmit any personally identifiable information. 
  • Bonus activities for instance bedtime, break time, clean-up and party time can be unlocked after the download of the absolutely free app 
  • Comes with nine smart cards, a USB cable for charging and a gorgeous little bag which enables you to store everything.
  • Additional Smart Card packs which makes the play smarter by expanding the play.

Let’s take a closer look

1. Additional Smart Card packs allow the Kids to decide the fun.
The Smart Toy Bear recognizes which activity the kids want to do when they him a Smart Card. There are a range of activities that the youngsters can choose. These include artistic drawing games, dance parties, story times that are interactive and many more. The extra Smart Card packs will provide more games, stories and much more activities. These cards are sold separately and are subject to their availability.

2. Voice recognition feature gives a totally customized experience.

With the voice recognition feature, your child gets to teach Smart Bear their favorite colors, foods, and activities. The Bear can then recommend games, adventure and even stories that will get your child up and running. The Bear adapts these activities based on changes in the development and interests of your kid.

3. With the Smart Toy app, the fun never stops.

With the free download of the app at you get to unlock unrestricted Wi-fi updates that will help the Smart Bear get to know your youngster’s name and much more. This will ensure that your kid and his Smart Bear will not go out of fun activities to do. For parents there is also a bonus that comes with the app. The Smart Toy will get to assist you with cleanup time, bed time and even party time. This app for parents works with both Android and Apple devices. If you wish to get the full list of all the compatible devices you can visit

4. The Smart Toy Bear does not transmit any personal information.

For all parents you will be pleased to note that the Smart Bear does not transmit any personally identifiable information. Therefore there is no need to worry about your child’s safety.

Is the Fisher-Price Smart Toy Bear a good choice for my child?Absolutely yes. Having the Smart Bear around will see your kid spending much less time on the phone or tablet. This is because the Bear will keep interacting with your kid just like a friend does!

What do others think about the Smart Bear?

One customer while rating the Smart Bear on Amazon describes the Smart Bear as absolutely awesome given its interact ability.

In Summary

The Fisher Price Smart Toy Bear makes for a very interactive toy that every kid must definitely have.

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