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Flutterbye Flying Fairy by Spin Master

This toy is designed for all young girls (and boys) who love fairies and all things magical! Little girls will think their dreams have come true as they watch the Flutterbye Fairy twirl and dance through the air (these fairies really do fly). Flutterbye Fairies give young girls a truly magical experience as they will be able to guide their flight with their own hands!

What are the main features of the Flutterbye Flying Fairy?

  • Press the button on the Flutterbye Fairy's stand to make her fly
  • The fairy will launch from her stand
  • Watch her magically spread her wings and dance through the air
  • Girls can place the palm of their hand underneath the Flutterbye Fairy to move her up and down as she flies 
  • Girls can gently change the Flutterbye Fairy's flying direction by moving their hand
  • Toy includes: Flutterbye Fairy, display stand / charging cradle / launcher and instructions
  • Requires 6 x AA batteries (not included) 
  • Recommended for children aged 5-9 years 
  • Flutterbye Fairies are designed to be flown indoors only

Let's take a closer look

Little girls can now enter a world of magical enchantment as they watch their own Flutterbye Fairy dance and twirl through the air. Press the button on the fairies display stand to set her wings in motion and then watch her dance through the air. Girls can guide their fairy's flight by placing their hand beneath her and raising or lowering it to make her fly higher or lower.

Introduce children to the magical world of fairies

A Flutterbye Fairy gives children the chance to enter the magical world of fairies. Parents can add to the sense of magic by telling children that a Flutterbye Fairy has chosen them to help them fly. They can then see the magic for themselves as they watch their Flutterbye fairy glide and dance through the air.

The magic is in their hands

Flutterbye Fairies give children a sense of magic as they are able to control the flight path of the fairies as they gently guide them using only their hands. Each fairy will magically rise up and lower as they move their hand up and down.

Each Flutterbye Fairy has her own home

Each Flutterbye Fairy comes with her own home and is able to rest and show off her beautiful wings on her own display stand. To make the Flutterbye Fairy take off into the air again, simply press the button on the front of her stand.

Own the perfect Flutterbye Fairy

Flutterbye Fairies are available in a range of different styles. This means you can choose the perfect Flutterbye Fairy for your child.

Is a Flutterbye Fairy a good toy for my child?

Flutterbye Fairies make a great gift for all little girls who love fairies and all things magical! They are a fun toy that will help to develop a child's imagination as they come to believe in all things magical. They can also help to develop a child's hand and eye coordination as they learn to carefully guide their fairy in her flight.

What do other customers think?

There has been lots of positive feedback from customers about Flutterbye Fairies, including the following:

"Both my daughters have been playing with their Flutterbye Fairies and having great fun! They have been having competitions to see who can make their fairy fly the longest without hitting the ceiling or a wall! One great thing about the Flutterbye Fairy is that its skirt which helps it glide is made from soft plastic so if it does hit the ceiling or a wall, it doesn't leave any marks and does not damage the fairy." Rachel, US

In Summary

A Flutterbye Fairy is the perfect gift for anyone who is looking to turn a little girl's dreams into reality. We think there are going to be lots of delighted faces this Christmas as little girls everywhere learn that they can make magic by guiding their fairy through the air themselves.

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