My Friend Freddy

My Friend Freddy is a bear who knows all about your child! You just need to download the free app to an Android or IOS device, feed in all data about your child and your family and Freddy simply comes alive.

Freddy interacts with your child in an altogether different plane. It can use bluetooth technology, but in a different way.

My Freddy Friend Toy

The app asks questions like does your child have a brother or sister, their names, what is your child's favorite food-things like that. Your little one will be absolutely amazed that Freddy knows everything about him and his family! Once Freddy knows, it can run a conversation with your child on its own will!

The app also has lots of fun activities and interactive games. These include animals, coloring, counting and other activities that become more and more complex and advanced as your child gets older. Unplug Freddy from the smart device, and it becomes the soft and cuddly teddy bear that talks when thrown up in the air, put feet up and head down, or cuddled lovingly. Freddy is also known as My Friend Freddy Bear.

Freddy My Friend connects to its app through a bluetooth source within a range of 30 feet. The app is supported by Apple IOS (version 7.1 and above) and Android (version 4.0.3 and above) on tablets and phones. It is programmed with a proprietary software that is kid-safe. It protects your child from offensive and sensitive images and content.

It also allows you to add phrases and words that you want to prevent your child from hearing. Freddy is easy to set up, and comes with a video tutorial with a link to its website. Freddy measures 16.5x26x34.3 cm and needs 3 x AA batteries to run it. It is suitable for children two years and older.

Freddy Bear Can

  • Interact and talk with your child* Share snaps
  • Read stories
  • Play games
  • When online and connected to a smart device, it can answer almost any question
  • When offline, it can answer thousands of questions about itself
  • Speak in many different languages

Freddy Can Interact and Talk With You

If you are using IOS, you can have 3000 free online questions plus unlimited offline usage. Additional questions can be upgraded online by paying a small fee. Android users have access to unlimited questions both online and offline. The app records feedback on questions that are normally asked by children, and helps Freddy in answering them in a conversational tone correctly every time.

Freddy Can Read Stories

Freddy comes with its own story. It reads it out to your child, and be assured that he will remain engrossed as the story unfolds right up to its end.

Freddy Can Play Games

Your child can play games with Freddy even offline! Games include quizzes, puzzles, noughts and crosses and many more that your child and Freddy can play together.

Chat With Freddy

Your child can ask questions like what is a baby kangaroo called, what do pandas eat, what is the tallest animal, what is Freddy's favorite color, and every time Freddy will answer them correctly.

Freddy the Bear is the ideal choice of a toy for your child

It is interactive, educative and immersive. With its access to the internet through a child-safe app, your child is introduced to a world of knowledge and fun. At the same time, it protects your child from undesirable images and content through its proprietary software.

A recent survey has shown that nearly there-quarters of kids in the US wish to have a toy under the tree this Christmas that is linked to their favorite movie or TV show.

About half the parents surveyed felt they could bond with their children better if the toy brought back memories of their own childhood. And the best part was that one in ten dads and mums admitted that they would choose a toy for their kid that they themselves could play with! Freddy My Friend is all that and more. It is as interesting and interactive to your kid as it is to you.

In Summary

An absolutely new world is going to open up when you get Freddy My Friend to your home! Be ready to see your kid spend hours with Freddy talking, playing, asking questions, listening to stories, and cuddling it just like his best friend!

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