Frozen Sing-A-Long Elsa

When it comes to Disney's best animated films, Frozen is up there with the most iconic of them alongside all time classics like "Wreck it Ralph" and "Tangled".

Now you can help your daughter relive the magic of the comedy adventure by buying her this Frozen Sing-A-Long Elsa doll. But the Elsa Sing-A-Long doll is more than just a keepsake memento.

It is designed to help bring alive the film and your daughter will love reliving the fantasy of the film itself. The doll can sing "Let it Go", the enchanting lyrics which gave the film an Oscar for the Best Original song as well as recite some of Elsa's most iconic phrases on demand.

Frozen Sing-A-Long Elsa's Main Features

  • Sing along with Elsa, the main character in Disney's animated film Frozen
  • Microphone for Karaoke sing-along
  • Recites 15 different phrases
  • A great way to start a collection of Frozen movie characters

Let's Take a Closer Look at Elsa Doll's Features

Iconic Depiction of Elsa from Frozen

If your little girl was enchanted by Frozen, the iconic Walt Disney Animation Studios movie, this toy will help her relive the experience over and over again. The doll herself looks every inch like Elsa herself, including the iconic gown. But best of all is that within the folds of her gown is hidden an inconspicuous speaker, bringing the magic of the movie to life as Elsa sings the catchy "let it Go" melody.

Microphone for Karaoke Sing-along

Versions of Frozen toys are not in short supply when you shop online. However, this version makes the Sing-A-Long experience the most vivid by including a functional Karaoke microphone in the shipping package. The microphone serves to make the sing-along experience vividly true and gives your daughter an avenue to be even more creative.

Recites 15 Different Phrases from the Film

What better way to bring out the magic of Elsa than have her repeat some of the catchiest phrases from the Disney film? You will notice that Elsa the doll wears a distinctive snow-flake pendant on her neck, the same which you use to trigger the sing-along song. Press it and she will regurgitate a series of phrases from the film. With 15 such prerecorded phrases, all recited in the distinctive voice of Idina Menzel (the actress whose voice accompanies Elsa's actions) fantasy has never been this close to reality.

Begin your Frozen Characters Collection

What about taking the experience a bit further by ordering other toys depicting characters from the same movie? The most popular here are the Singing Olaf and the Musical Magic Anna dolls.

Is the Elsa Sing-A-Long Doll a Good Choice for my Child?

This is indeed one of the most meaningful gifts you can reward your child with. It goes beyond the stereotypic, static dolls in many senses. It exercises your child's imagination by having them participate in recreating the make-believe world where Elsa's magical powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter. As she sings along to the enchanting voice of Broadway Star Idina Menzel, there has never been a more fitting dowel. It inspires your child's dreams as she lives out her fantasies at the same time.

What do Others Think About Sing-A-Long Elsa from Disney's Elsa

Perhaps not surprisingly, this original Sing-A-Long Elsa doll has received plenty of positive feedback. Both ordinary customers as well as well as expert reviewers have given it high ratings. Here are some of the views given by customers who have bought the dolls for their own daughters:

- "My daughter has really enjoyed this doll
- "Great doll, nice size!"
- "When I pulled off the tab at the back of the doll, she sung way more than 'Let it Go!' The voice is so beautiful and even unbelievable for such a small microphone"

In Summary

I am a proponent for dolls and toys which offer more than just static play opportunities. I love them when they play to the child's innate creativity as this Elsa doll does.

She is an uncanny representation of the movie character that your daughter will be totally taken in. As the doll sings and your daughter joins in, she will automatically see herself creating her own world where she can pursue her happiness in her own right.

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