FurReal Friends Cuddles My Giggly Monkey

The FurReal Friends range of toys has always been very popular with children. Hasbro, who manufacturer the range, continue to release cute new toys with incredible interactive technology. Children will love the newest FurReal Friend called Cuddles, My Giggly Monkey.

What are the main features of Cuddles, My Giggly Monkey?

  • Highly interactive pet monkey
  • Cuddles makes cute monkey noises when cuddled or tickled 
  • Cuddles can be swung in the air and is aware when she's upside down and she will respond with a 'whee!' noise
  • Cuddles has 100+ responses including movements and sounds
  • Cuddles mouth moves when she is fed her with her banana-shaped bottle
  • Cuddles blows a kiss and shuts her eyes when she is rocked to sleep
  • Cuddles she will open her eyes and make sweet noises on waking up
  • Requires 4 x C batteries 
  • Toy includes Cuddles the Giggly Money, bottle, diaper and pet care guide
  • Suitable for children aged 4+

Let's take a closer look

Cuddles is highly interactive

Cuddles is one of the most interactive FurReal Friends yet. She has sensors located all over her body which allow her to have over 100 different responses. When Cuddles face is stroked she will respond by moving her head round towards the touch and when she is rocked to sleep, she will blow a kiss before closing her eyes!

Cuddles can make a variety of sounds

Cuddles is able to make a variety of different sounds. She is able to make monkey noises and a variety of different giggles. She even has some wind noises which are sure to make children laugh! She also makes drinking sounds when she is fed her banana shaped bottle.

Cuddles has her own personality

Hasbro claim that Cuddles learns new reactions the more she is played with. This is a really exciting feature as it means children can unlock Cuddles personality as they play with her. Because of this each Cuddles toy will react differently depending on how much the child plays with her; this means that playtime is a different experience for every child.


Cuddles can be looked after and played with like a real pet. Cuddles will respond just like a real pet too. When fed she will make noises and pull on her bottle, when woken up she will open her eyes and make sweet noises and when her tummy is tickled she will giggle. Children can also bend and move Cuddles arms and legs easily; they can pick her up by her arms and swing her through the air when they will hear her respond with monkey sounds, laughter and a 'whee!' noise.

Is Cuddles a good toy for my child?

Cuddles is a highly entertaining toy which is brilliant for children who would like their own pet. Children are able to care for and play with Cuddles but without all the responsibility of owning a real pet!

What do other customers think?

There has been lots of positive feedback from customers about Cuddles including the following:

"I think Cuddles is the cutest toy I have ever seen! She has amazing and very lifelike detail in her hands and feet and her responses are perfect! She is able to move her head to where she hears voices and her giggles are super cute. Cuddles also has a few wind issues that are guaranteed to make any child laugh! Cuddles would make an excellent present providing hours of fun. Cannot recommend highly enough." Kate, US

In Summary

We think that this is the best toys we have seen from the FurReal Friends range as it has such a large number of different responses making it highly interactive. This toy is guaranteed to keep children entertained for many hours.

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