Hasbro Furby Connect

The latest Furby to hit the shelves is the Furby Connect, a cute fluffy creature which speaks it's own language, Furbish. The connect version of Furby also boasts digital eyes which can display over 150 unique emotions.

Better yet, new generations of kids will love the pink Furby Connect as it has been designed to interact with a special application, which can be downloaded to most smart phones and tablets. 


Furby Connect Pink Toy

What are the main features of the pink Furby Connect?

  • Can be updated via the Furby Connect World application 
  • Light up antenna 
  • Displays over 150 different emotions
  • It comes with an interactive sleep mask 
  • Speaks its own language, Furbish 

Let's take a closer look:

1. Can be updated via the Furby Connect World app

Over time your Furby will automatically update itself via the Furby Connect World app. As an example, your Furby may learn new phrases and emotions over time, if it's allowed to sync with the Furby Connect World app.

2. Light up antenna

Each time you spot your Furby's antenna glowing, it means that there is a new update on the Furby Connect World app to explore. As an example, you may have unlocked a new video clip or a new song. 

3. Displays over 150 different emotions

As your child plays with their Furby, they'll notice that their Furby responds in a variety of different ways. As an example, if your child shakes their Furby or turns their Furby upside down, their Furby will make a unique sound and its eyes will display a unique emotion. Your child will never tire of finding new ways to interact with their Furby.

4. It comes with an interactive sleep mask

When you pop your Furby's sleep mask over its eyes, it will automatically fall into a nap mode.

Is the Furby Connect a good choice for my child?

Yes, whilst your child may get excited about a new toy, few toys can hold a child's interest in the long term. As the Furby Connect is updated on a regular basis, via the Furby Connect app, your child will get years worth of entertainment from their new Furby Connect friend. If you child loves technology and gaming, they'll also love how unique it is that they can find new ways to interact with their new toy, via an application.

What do others think about the pink Furby?

Furby connect has legions of fans across the world, including parents who grew up with a Furby of their own. One mom, raved about how expressive the new connect Furbys are and how her children love when their Furby wiggles its ears when they tickle it. She also loves how surprising her daughter's Furbys reactions are and how they elicit squeals of delight from her youngest daughter.

In summary:

If you're looking for a special toy, that your child won't get bored of easily, you simply can't go wrong ordering a Furby connect for your son or daughter. A Furby is the perfect gift, for a child who has always wanted a pet of their own as it's interactive, cute and offers endless hours of fun and entertainment!

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