Hasbro Furreal Unicorn

If your child loves unicorns, they will cherish the Hasbro FurReal Unicorn interactive toy.

Furreal Unicorn image

This gift responds to sound and motion with more than 100 different combinations. Hear it chomp away on a sugary treat or flap its wings! In fact, the more attention it's given, the more this toy can do!

The FurReal Unicorn is expected to be one of the most sought-after toys for 2015 and will quickly become one of your child's closest companions.

What are the main features of FurReal Hasbro Unicorn?

  • Suitable for ages 4 and above
  • Requires 4 x C batteries (not included with the product)
  • Horn lights up in various colors
  • Fully interactive - responds to touch and sound
  • Braid her hair!

Let's take a closer look at some of these features...

Horn lights up in various colors

What makes this cuddly toy unique is that it has a horn that lights up in different colors. How many furry toys can do that?! There are more than 100 color combinations, and this toy will instantly delight friends and family! The toy is lightweight, soft and cuddly, and is really easy to clean.

Fully interactive - responds to touch and sound

The more your child plays with FurReal Unicorn, the stronger her powers become! This fully interactive pet will respond to little ones as they provide it with attention, and it will soon become their furry friend.

The unicorn responds to touch and sound via special sensors, making it one of the smartest toys available on the market today. But that's not all. The figure's wings will flutter and will even sit, stand or lie down - just like a real-life pet!

Braid her hair!

Children and braid and style the unicorn's hair or even feed it a sugary treat (which is provided with the product). In fact, everything you need comes with the FurReal Unicorn, so you won't have to worry about buying any additional accessories. The unicorn's hair can be arranged into different styles.

Is Hasbro FurReal Unicorn a good choice for my child?

Yes! One of the smartest electronic pets out this year, this interactive cuddly toy can flap its wings, lie down, stand up and even eat. But better yet, you won't have to buy it any food. The FurReal Unicorn provides your child with a one-of-a-kind experience and will teach them to love and care for their pet.

In fact, the more attention they give it, the more responsive it becomes. The toy also interacts with an app which can be downloaded onto a mobile tablet.

What are others saying about the Interactive FurReal Unicorn from Hasbro?

As this is a brand new product, there are currently no reviews on Amazon.com as of yet. However, this is expected to change soon as Christmas approaches.


This pet moves, eats and sits down! It's FurReal Unicorn from Hasbro! This interactive toy will be on top of your child's Christmas wish list this year, and apart from batteries, everything you need to get started is included.

This gift will provide hours of fun and will impress their friends - perfect for any child who wants to experience owning a pet without having to look after a real animal.

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