Wicked Cool Girl Scout Cookie Oven

Everyone loves Do-si-dos and thin mints, however you can only buy them from Girl Scouts once every year.

Cookie Oven image

This is about to change with the new bake-it-yourself Wicked Cool cookie oven as it heads to Wal-Mart stores. For the first time ever the Girl Scout franchise has finally loosened their incredibly tight grip on it's cookie empire allowing fans to bake their iconic treats all by themselves.

The Girl Scout Cookie Oven comes with an oven, tray, spatula, measuring instrument and instructions. So what is so special about this one of a kind Girl Scout Cookie Oven?

Main features

  • Child-friendly, nicely decorated oven
  • Delicious cookies
  • An easy to understand set of instructions
  • A perfect cookie measurement
  • Purple colored spatula
  • An oven that is fun to use for children

Let's take a closer look

The oven is nicely decorated with purple and green colors making it much more fascinating for children. It looks more like a toy than an oven which is perfect as a Christmas gift. It is child-friendly as it is easy to use and the actual oven is well inside the toy.

You simply slide the cookies in the side of the oven and pull the lever all the way to the right to push the cookies right into the oven. There is no way your children can severely burn themselves, but make sure they use an oven mitt to lift out the baking tray after baking the cookies.

The Thin mints are absolutely delicious and you are guaranteed to love the cookies created! Your child will be begging you to let them make more and more.

The perfect cookie measurement instrument provided is accurate and ensures that there is not too much water added to the mixture when making the cookie mix. Just fill it right up and squirt the water into a bowl to get started. The name is self-explanatory and guarantees you will make perfect cookies!

The purple spatula is very efficient allowing your child to scrape the cookies from the baking tray after they have been baked. It's great knowing that no knives will be required!

Is it good for my child?

The cookies aren't exactly the healthiest food available but they are small and delicious treats. The whole baking process is really fun for any child and does keep children active and away from the television. The Girl Scout Cookie Oven will definitely have your child inspired to be creative in the kitchen so it is definitely good for your child.

The Girl Scout Cookie Oven is a good choice and completely unique. It is guaranteed to entertain your children and produces delicious treats. There is no better alternative on the market as no other oven can create so much fun! Even when the cookies are baking your child will still be entertained by looking through the real window to watch the cookies bake.

In Summary

The Wicked Cool Girl Scout cookie oven is definitely the best children's oven set and has already been labelled an instant classic! If you are looking to inspire your children to cook food in the kitchen then this is a great way to start!

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