Guitar Hero Live

The release of Guitar Hero Live is one proof that Guitar Hero, and all music-related games are still relevant. If your child is musically inclined, the latest version of Guitar Hero is the best present you can possibly wrap this Christmas.

Guitar Hero Live image

This is the classic guitar taken to another level. It is called the next evolution of music video gaming. It provides a better old-school feel with its strum bar and whammy bar. It has the 6-button layout, making it very easy to enjoy the game.

Mastering it is another challenge, but your child will definitely have fun as he/she learns the songs. What makes this Live version of Guitar Hero very appealing is, it is mobile. It has a redesigned guitar controller. Rocking out is possible anywhere as it can be connected with any Apple device.

What are the main features of Guitar Hero Live?

  • Free play mode via Guitar Hero TV (GHTV) with multiplayer support
  • Utilizes full motion video for immersive gaming
  • Redesigned 6-fret guitar controller
  • Live Tracklist
  • Can be played in any Apple mobile device

Let's take a closer look at some of the amazing features of the Live Version of Guitar Hero

Free play mode via Guitar Hero TV (GHTV) with multiplayer support

This new version of Guitar Hero now includes GHTV, where music videos are continuously broadcasted. There will always be new updates, so you can be assured that there will be new songs from different genres to play and learn. This free play mode also allows multiple players via real-time competitions on the same online channel. There are also curated playlists in GHTV, much like how music channels present music videos.

Utilizes full motion video for immersive gaming

What makes Guitar Hero Live very attractive to fans is that, it simulates a concert setting. There is a full motion video in the first person perspective; in this case, the guitarist. The footage is dynamic. While you're playing, you can get either a positive or negative reaction from the crowd or from the band members. This depends on the player's performance. If your child is playing, he/she will definitely feel like a crowd is really rooting for him/her or pushes him/her to do better in playing.

Redesigned 6-fret guitar controller

With this new version of Guitar Hero, you will now see an overhauled controller with six frets. These are set into 2 rows of 3. It is represented by notes that are in black and white. This is supposed to make the game easier to learn. If your child is just learning the ropes of the game, then he/she will surely learn fast. If your child is familiar with other Guitar Hero versions, this redesigned 6-fret guitar controller will give him/her a new challenge, as it already includes more realistic chord simulations.

Live Tracklist

This new version of Guitar Hero promises musical variety. The moment you set up the video game, hundreds of songs can already be played and learned. It spans different genres. The developers of the game also assures gamers that they will regularly release new songs.

Is the latest version of Guitar Hero a good choice for my child?

There are many video games that a child can be introduced to these days. But you can never go wrong with a musical video game. It will enhance your child's talent, and let them unravel their skills and love for music. They can also learn to be more confident and would probably inspire them to learn the real thing, like an actual guitar.

What do others think about Guitar Hero Live?

Many people are excited about the upcoming version of Guitar Hero. Consumers have not bought it yet, but it is already available for pre-order. There are legitimate reviewers who were already able to get their hands on the game, and they all liked the immersive and realistic aspect of the game.

In summary, this is going to be a great choice for a Christmas gift for your child or for a close friend or loved one. Everyone loves music, and not all of us can actually play an instrument. With this game, it has allowed many children and even adults to feel like rock stars. That is always a good experience for anyone, even it it's just through a video game.

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