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With Christmas slowly approaching, Hamley’s toy shop has released the Top 10 list of toys for 2014. The collection is expected to be more hi-tech than ever, and if it is anything to go by then everyone including the most savvy parents and children may need to take time to learn how to use them. The Wonderful list includes:

Cayla Doll

1. The Cayla doll

Cayla is an interactive doll that is capable of answering any question she’s asked ranging from general knowledge, sports results and also expressing her interests.

The doll can be synced using a tablet or smartphone and utilizes specialized Google software tosearch online for answers to the questions.

Cayla is a must-have for kids who are 4 years oldand above, and comes complete with great hair and wonderful clothing. The toy utilizes the Google’s SafeSearch add-on which restricts children from experimenting with unsuitable content/ questions.

2. Doh Vinci Deluxe Styler

This toy utilizes the skills of 3D Design and inspires children into creative 3D designing.

3. Kiddizoom Smart Watch

The smart watch has a motion sensor and a colored touch screen. Just like ordinary smartphones, it can be used to record videos, capture images and also edit them. The watch also has three in-built games that your child can play.

4. The Barbie Colour-Change Bag

The Barbie Color Change Bag for your kid, which has the ability to change color to match your child’s outfit when held against it. The Bag can mimic over100 different shades at the press of a button. This enables the toy bag to match any clothing that your child puts on

Teksta T-Rex

5. Teksta T-Rex

The Teksta T-rex is one of the less sophisticated toys on the list. He is able to walk forward and backwards while swaying its head, as it sniffs and chews on a bone. Once he has eaten enough, he burps the bone up and the process is repeated again.

6. Leapfrog LeapTV

Ideal for 3 to 8 year olds, this gaming system features learning games, wireless internet and a camera that captures movement. The learning games cover reading and writing assignments as well as science, mathematics and social studies.

7. Transformers Chomp & Stomp robot

The robot is the second most expensive of the collection and is ideal for children who are thrilled with action. The 20 inch robot uses a heavy and massive sword to attack its enemies and although it looks complex, it is one of the simplest to learn.

8. The BoomCo blaster

The BoomCo rapid madness blaster is an air-powered toy that revolutionizes the way your child plays in the battlefield. It uses the smart stick technology to fire 20 darts in a span of seconds up to 50 feet away.

9. Ice Skating Anna & Elsa from Frozen

The pair of ice skating dollsare meant for infants who are fans of the Frozen Dysney film. The pair of skating dolls is one of the cheapest available this Christmas.

Xeno the Monster toy

10. Xeno Monster Toy

The last toy is the Xeno Monster Toy which uses a set of audio inputs and sensors to interact with other monsters, encouraging hours of play as it reacts in a wide range of emotions and movements.

These toys will by far surpass the expectations of many children including those that are technology savvy and may greatly reflect how amazing the technology world has become.

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