Hamleys Reveals Top Ten Christmas Toys for 2015

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The world famous Hamleys Toy Shop has just announced what they think will be most popular items for the 2015 Christmas season!

Some of the top items include a robot, that you can have a conversation with and a 3D Printer which will let your child's imagination go wild!

Hamleys noted that the trend of old fashioned wooden toys coming back into the mainstream is nearing the end. It appears this year is all about the latest technology. Technology doesn't have to mean more time spent in front of a screen! Hamley's toy buyers say that this year manufacturers have invested their time and money into making new and unique toys that not only use tech but all encourage children to be more creative!

These cool toys aren't just for the big kids either! According to Hamleys even young kids will be asking for their favorite tech toys this year!


Hamleys toy robot

Here are just some of the top toys you will be seeing this Christmas season:

LeapPad recently released their newest children's tablet they are calling their "Platinum" tablet. This new addition to the ongoing line of Leapfrog products is said to be suitable for children as young as three years of age!

3D printers are no longer a thing of the future. You can now buy one for your child! The 40 3D Maker allows kids of all ages to create many different objects including things as intricate as landmarks like the Eiffel Tower. These items are made completely by the 3D maker which can seem a little confusing for some parents, however all of this can be done in four easy steps!

The robot mentioned above is called the 65-iQue Intelligent Robot. This robot works with speech-to-text software and it is said to understand everything you say to it. This toy is advertised for children 3 and up and is sure to impress even the pickiest kid!


Thunderbirds tracy island toy

Thunderbirds have come out with their new 80 Tracy Island Playset which is very interactive and helps encourage children as young three years old to play with the toy by creating their own storyline!

If you are not looking for another pet to clean up after 60 Little Live Pets Clever Keet is almost as good as having a real bird in your home. However, this bird is a lot smarter than your average parakeet! The toy bird talks, responds to voices and has the ability to move about the room all on its own!

Of course there are always some options if you are not looking to stock up on batteries this Christmas season. Kinetic Sand is said to be a favorite for kids of all ages. The sand's unique formula keeps kids clean but unlike other molding doughs it can be left out for hours without drying out!


Expensive hamleys Dinosaur

Another great option that doesn't use batteries is the Shopkins 20 Ice Cream Truck. If your child collects all of the Shopkins Toys you're going to want to get this one to add to their collection!

And last but not least, the Frozen craze is far from over. This year's hot Frozen toy will be the 40 Skate & Sing Elsa that every little kid will love to sing and dance along with.

So as you can see, this year's Christmas Season is going to be better than ever. Don't miss your chance to get your child the best tech toys of the season and get them while they last!

Here's the list of top ten toys for 2015 according to Hamleys

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