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So what toys are REALLY hot for Christmas 2017?

This year for Christmas 2017, we interviewed 250 child judges to help you choose the best toys, in at least 36 categories to make this a fun-filled Christmas season.The High-quality toys selected range from an elephant who plays peekaboo to intelligent robots. From scooters to board games this list has been selected to fit kids of all ages giving a uniform fun experience for all.

The top toys for Christmas 2017 as chosen by our panel of child judges are as follows.

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Here's the top Christmas toys list for this year:


Little Tikes toy 2017

The little tikes princess horse and carriage

Standing at 0.95m tall, the little tikes princes' horse & carriage took the prize for the best ride toy this year. The toy-set is a princess's themed horse and carriage and features a rein with a removable floor which allows access to a small foot propeller. Its beautiful and elegant design makes it a dream ride for many little girls. The toy is fit for kids over 18 months old.

kidizoom smart watch

Vtech smart watch DX

Vtech smart watch DX is one of the best chargeable and multifunctional units that lets you take your images and videos with you. The watch has 8 preinstalled games with an option to download more. This smartwatch will give your kids the ultimate play experience by having over 50 digital and analog clock faces not only adding to the fun but also giving your kids an interactive way to learn about time how to read it. Kids will feel, look and be cool wearing the Vtech smartwatch.

Lightseekers image

The TOMY light seekers

Give your kid a gizmo gift this year with about 17 smart action figures which are played in the traditional way. More adventure is packed into the toy set with an option to sync all the figures to an app via a fusion mini computer that comes with the toy set. This enables your kid and his/her playmates to make the toy figures speak, light up and even appear in a game on your phone. The sync can easily be done and will add to the excitement of owning an advanced character set. This toy emerged top in the best tech toy category.

Thrill Rides web weaver roller coaster

K'nex Thrill Rides web weaver roller coaster

If your kid is a construction fan, get them this comprehensive and full-featured 429 piece rod-and-connector rollercoaster building set. Its fit for a playdate with their friends as it is not only fun but encourages teamwork and cooperation in assembling together this roller coaster. It can be set to glow in the dark and comes with a small air powered car. More thrill awaits your kids as the car whizzes around the lit track really fast. This toy has been recommended for kids 9+-year-old kids years.

Flappy the Elephant


This cuddly toy elephant plays peekaboo on touch. The 13 inch animated toy looks so cuddly and will flap his ears and sing on touch. Kids can easily understand and ejnjoy how it works with the cuddly elephant flapping its ears during play. Pressing the right foot gets flappy and the kids busting to the song "do your ears hang low". This toy is a perfect gift to not only give your kid a fun time this festive season but to also teach various songs and teamwork in an interactive way, Flappy has been made with the very high-quality plush material making it very huggable.

Honey Bake image

Le Toy Van Honey Bake Cafe machine

This one took home the prize for the best wooden toy in 2017. Sometimes, kids just need a simple analog toy they can have fun with. What better toy this festive season than the Honeybake cafe. The brightly colored toy is a small replica of a coffee machine. Some of the components in the buy include 2 wooden cups, a "milk frother" a spoon and various colored pods that can be placed inside the removable filter. Your kids can select their preferred color pods to slot in the machine and make a latter for you.

Monster Smash Ups

Monster Smash-Ups

The Christmas holiday will not be complete without the ultimate monster smash-up experience for your kids. This toy was voted by judges and testers as the best vehicle set in 2017. With 3 high-speed remote controlled tilt-turn monster trucks, this toy set is the ultimate piece of fun, especially for boys. It comes with rechargeable batteries that last about 30 minutes. These trucks have been specially made to crash and smash and kids love the way drivers are ejected mid-air before crashing. Kids can play anywhere as the trucks can work on gravel, grass or even on your carpet.

Anki Cozmo

Anki Cozmo

The Cozmo has won its right as the best robotic toy in 2017. Its the perfect way to surprise your kid as the small robot can be connected via mobile application giving it the ability to recognize your face. It can also say your kids name with various interactive games in the robot keeping your kid busy and engrossed. If you are a bit techy, the robot app even unlocks more features by allowing third-party customization. The designers of this robot put an interactive experience at the heart of its design as it is able to appear pleased when an opponent wins a game and will throw a tantrum when beaten often in a game.

Leapfrog ice cream van

LeapFrog Scoop and earn ice cream van

The push along cart is one of the best pretend-to-play toys out there this festive season. It has been recommended for kids of 2+ years and above. The buy includes a push-along cart, 8 ice cream scoops, 3 toppings and 3 syrups. A storage drawer, a till and a syrup cup are also included. For an ideal playdate, get your kids this toy set which plays music when pushed. The "Magic' scooper recognizes various colors with an added dinging bell notifying "customers" when their order is ready. Parents and testers love the set as it teaches numbers, colors, sequencing and contributes to the overall memory of your kid.


Vtech Chase me 2017 Christmas toy

Vtech chase me

Toddlers have been well-taken care with this dancing and skating monkey. It comes with 2 play modes: Catch me and dancing modes. The toy comes with front and back sensors to keep an interactive play with your kid. It actually shoots away when it senses someone near it. At least 5 shape buttons have been included to introduce your kid to letters, body parts, numbers, and music.

2017 Christmas Toy Reviews

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