Mattel Hot Wheels Terrain Twister

Every time Hot Wheels comes out with a new toy, you know for a fact it will blow your socks off. And the Terrain Twister is no exception. One major problem about R/C vehicles is that they’re limited in terms of the terrain they can handle. But not this bad boy! Whether it’s grass or water, sand or snow, the Mattel Hot Wheels Terrain Twister conquers it all in exciting fashion.

Terrain Twister image

What Are The Main Features Of The Mattel Terrain Twister?

  • Ability to work on multiple terrains including snow, water and grass.
  • Pivoting pontoons featuring corkscrew treads.
  • Rechargeable 7.2V TMH Flexpak Battery for prolonged play.
  • Simple-to-operate RC Controller with 65-feet range.
  • Sleek-looking and durable design.

Let’s Take a Closer Look

Multiple-Terrain Capability

The really neat thing about the Hot Wheels Terrain Twister is that it can work just about anywhere. If it’s summer and you’re relaxing by the lake, simply throw it in the water and make some waves. Kicking back in the grassy backyard? This RC car will absolutely dominate. Tired of being cooped up indoors during winter? Take the Terrain Twister out into the snow for some incredible fun.

Pivoting Pontoons Featuring Corkscrew Treads

Don’t expect regular ol’ tires on this plaything. No siree! Hot Wheels have re-invented the wheel and come up with some pretty mean-looking corkscrew treads. The treads are attached to pivoting pontoons, which help to steer the vehicle.

Steering itself can be awkward at first, especially on smooth surfaces, as the corkscrews need a bit of traction to actually work. But this awkwardness on smooth surfaces is what makes it badass on rougher terrain.

Rechargeable 7.2V TMH Flexpak Battery

Is there anything more frustrating than an R/C car losing juice within the first ten minutes of play? Oh yeah, probably your little one throwing a tantrum and blaming you for ruining Christmas. But with the rechargeable 7.2V battery, you can get a decent hour of play before you have to plug it in.

Simple-to-operate RC Controller

R/C cars are mostly advertised to the older kids due to the complexity that the controller introduces. But this particular one just has an 8-way D-Pad style control for movement and a slider switch that adjusts the angle of the pontoons. So kids as young as 5 can get a hang of it pretty fast.

Is The Hot Wheels Terrain Twister a Good Choice For My Child?

Most definitely! While it’s a bit awkward indoors and on smooth surfaces, it absolutely kills it on rough terrain. If you’ve been looking for a way to get your little one to have fun outdoors, then this toy is it. It has been built to withstand quite a bit of abuse, so you’re guaranteed of longevity. It won’t die on you just because it drizzled out.

What Do Others Think About the Mattel Terrain Twister?

While people have noted that it is a bit unpredictable to control, especially indoors, most agree that the Terrain Twister’s handling in snow, water and grass is very impressive.

Here’s what one user had to say on Amazon:

“This is awesome!!! My 7 year-old received this for Christmas last year and we have been very impressed with its performance on snow, gravel, uneven surfaces and the like! We live on a farm, so most remote vehicles for kids are limited in where they can go. Highly recommend this. The only thing we have found that it doesn't do so well is on smooth concrete. It is very loud and doesn't move as quickly.”

In Summary

Mattel is known for their pretty innovative toys, and the Hot Wheels Terrain Twister definitely doesn’t disappoint. It may not be the best R/C car for smooth, flat surfaces, but outdoors, it reigns supreme. This will definitely give your child untold fun in the great outdoors.

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