Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister

If you have a young boy who loves anything to do with cars, speed and stunts then check out the Triple Track Twister Track set from Mattel. This toy is guaranteed to provide lots of thrilling car racing excitement. The set includes tracks, controllers and a big crash zone. Children will love hitting the diverter to move their cars onto a crash course or blast their way through the tunnel to travel onto a different track.

What are the main features of the Triple Track Twister?

  • Features 3 tracks with loops of different heights that merge into one crash zone
  • Includes 2 controllers
  • Tracks are built for stunts and speed 
  • Includes 2 motorized boosters keep the action on track
  • Includes one die-cast Hot Wheels vehicle
  • Action can be controlled with the diverters
  • Includes a stand for an iPad, allowing children to use their iPad to race through 5 different worlds
  • Additional vehicles can be purchased separately for more racing excitement
  • Requires 4 x D batteries (not included)
  • Suitable for children aged 5+ years

Let's take a closer look

The Triple Track Twister provides young children with thrilling racing and stunt play, guaranteed to keep them amused for hours.

What's included?

This set includes an awesome track with three loops of different shapes and heights, one die-cast vehicle, two controllers and motorized boosters and a big crash zone.

Put the child in control!

The Triple Track Twister play set has features which allow the child to be in the driver's seat. Boys will love controlling the 2 motorised boosters to keep racing through the three loops. Two different levers allow them to control the risk element of racing as the red diverter will send their vehicle speeding on a definite crash collision course or will let them give their vehicle a chance by blasting through the blue course with turns and trapdoors.

New technology allows enhanced play

With new technology boys can now enjoy watching the race track come to life! The set includes a stand for the iPad and an Action Capture app to enable boys to race through five worlds – Team Hot Wheels, Shark Park, Dinosaur, Farm and Robot Battle. The iPad app interacts with the track and integrates it into a virtual reality. Children are able to record and play back video footage of their car in action.

Is the Triple Track Twister a good toy for my child?

The Triple Track Twister is a highly entertaining toy which also offers a great way for children to learn about roads and driving. This toy also helps to develop children's imaginative skills as they create different racing routes and enjoy staging their own races!

What do other customers think?

There has been lots of positive feedback from customers about the Triple Track Twister including the following:

"The Triple Track Twister was a huge hit in our house. The set assembled together easily and is well made. My boys who are all aged between 5 - 14 loved playing with it! The boys didn't take long to challenge each other to shoot their cars off the track (hard to do!). After a couple of weeks the younger boys are still enjoying playing with it." Rob, US

In Summary

This is an engaging and highly interactive toy designed for young boys who love cars and racing. There is plenty of exciting action to be had on the tracks and we feel sure there is going to be many a happy boy racing his cars round the tracks this Christmas.

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