Mattel Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage

This hot wheels garage set is a great toy for anyone that loves to play with cars. There are many features about this product that are great for children. Not only is there a great amount of detail with the toys in this set, but there are enough parts that it can entertain for hours at a time.

Ultimate Garage image

This is one of the highest rated products that are bought during this time of year. Many young children love to play with cars in a variety of ways. Not only can children race cars down the various ramps on the set, but they can also pretend to fix the cars in the garage.

What are the main features of the ultimate garage?

  • Working Elevator
  • Several Levels of Fun
  • Many Cars to Play With
  • Five Working Ramps
  • Two Car Launchers

Let's take a closer look

Working Elevator

The elevator is a great feature of this ultimate garage set. Children can move cars up and down as many times as they want to mechanically. This is also a great way for children to learn how elevators work in real life.. This will be one of the biggest sources of fun for children who get to use this product.


There are many different cars that come included in this set. This is a great opportunity for kids to compare the cars that they get in the set and race them down the ramps. With a diverse set of cars, no one playing with this ultimate garage set will get bored with the selections they have.


One of the best aspects of this garage set is the five working ramps that come with it. These working ramps give a nice versatility to the garage. A person can play by racing the cars or moving them up and down the ramps. This is designed to simulate a real working garage and provide an opportunity for kids to experiment with several different options of game play.

Car Launchers

Finally, perhaps the most fun part about this ultimate garage set is the two car launchers that come with it. These are a great way to have fun while playing with the set. These are sure to be a hit with children of all ages. The car launchers work by putting a car in them and shooting them out. There is no doubt that many kids will try and compete to see who can shoot them the longest distance.

Is the Ultimate Garage Set a good choice for my child?

If your child enjoys playing with cars, this hot wheels garage set is a great choice. There are many different features that make it great for children playing with it.
What are other people saying about the Hot Wheels Garage Set?

Here is a real customer review from Amazon. "The ramps come off easily without a lot of effort, and my child enjoys taking them off. He enjoys playing with the garage and spends a lot of time with it."

In Summary

Overall, this is a great and versatile toy for children of many ages. This offers a nice look in to what a car garage is, and with the different options that are available no child will be bored with this toy.

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