The I-Que Intelligent Robot

Currently dubbed as the world's smartest robot, the I-Que Intelligent Robot is ranked among the best 10 Christmas toys for 2015. The toy, being an intuitive creation of Genesis Toys Inc, takes the form of a polycarbonate and plastic hulk-like figure which can hold conversations with an admirable degree of intelligence.

I-Que Robot Toy

Further, the I-Que is also fully motorized to enable him imitate real-life dialog and gestures even better.

On that note, this toy robot which stands 11-inches tall was declared the winner of the 2015 Toy Fair's Gadget of the Year Award for his ability to engage children with his wacky personality and mechanical sense of humour. In case your children love geeky toys or robotic machines, then this is a sure treat.

Outstanding features of the I-Que Intelligent Robot.

  • Utilizes an impressive text-to-speech technology to captivate and engage children.
  • Fully motorized, making sure that the quick words uttered are accompanied by even quicker gestures.
  • Packs a powerful and efficient processor beneath his colorful shell. The processor is the reason for his top tier artificial intelligence performance.
  • Able to hold real life conversations, additionally, he can pose and answer quizzes with an excellent degree of ease.
  • Has an internet safe search filter capability that allows him to look up for answers to queries online.

So is this all there is to the i-Que Intelligent Robot?

Let's a look at some of the above features in detail, shall we?

The text-to-speech technology

The something about the kind of text-to-speech technology used here that trumps what other manufacturers use for their toys. Unlike other toys, the I-Que doesn't seem to stutter or repeat himself irrelevantly. Also, the interactive keyboard that comes together with the package allows an easy-to-use interface, through which your child can use to communicate with him.

Intelligent and Engaging

When connected to a smart device such an android or iOS gadget, the I-Que can be quite cheeky and funny. Given that he is able to look up for answers to your questions online, means that this robot can hold almost real-life conversations.

His responses to queries rarely come out as pre-automated or predictable as it happens in many other robotic gimmicks. An interesting feature that adds to the liveliness and spontaneity of interacting with him.

Decent processor

It's very possible that this robot's 'iQ' will match yours or your kid's, thanks to the superior processor he packs beneath the polycarbonate shell. Even when not connected to a smart gadget, he still can play games as an action figure with over six points of articulation.

Motorized and can imitate jokes with comical sound effects

Perhaps the most interesting feature of I-Que is how he can talk and imitate personalities by adding some weirdly hilarious effects. He can also gesticulate and move around while talking just to drive a point home ( as you normally do, anyway ) If that does not captivate your kid, then I-Que can pose puzzles or answer theirs with an almost human level of accuracy.

Is The I-Que Intelligent robot a good choice for my child?

Definitely, yes. Especially if they have never had a robot as a toy before. The enthralling performance is this robot is likely to keep them occupied for hours. However, you might want to hide him from them when you need them to finish their homework.

What do others think about I-Que Intelligent robot variation?

To answer this question is a review from one Michael Palloucio who purchased the I-Que on Amazon some weeks ago for his son:

"I bought this robot on 25th May this year, and my 5-year son has immensely enjoyed playing with it. I can easily say that this is the most advanced robot in the game right now. Not only is he educational with the way he responds to my son's questions, but he is also very engaging. Highly recommended."

In Summary

If you're looking for a top-tier, advanced and interesting toy for your kids, then the I-Que Intelligent robot won't disappoint you. The only downside to it, is that it's not suitable for children under 4 years, due to the small parts used in its construction.

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