Ice-Skating Anna and Elsa from Frozen

Ice-Skating Anna and Elsa from Frozen

Straight from the hit Disney movie 'Frozen' comes the ice-skating Anna and Elsa dolls. These dolls are sure to be a huge hit with all those little ones who can't get enough of this box office winning movie.

What are the main features of Ice-Skating Anna & Elsa from Frozen?

  • Attach the dolls to their bases for easy ice-skating action
  • Arms and legs move as the dolls are pushed
  • Dolls wear ice-skating outfits inspired by the movie 
  • 12 inches in height
  • Suitable for children aged 4 years and over

Let's take a closer look

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Real ice-skating action

Little hands can easily attach the Anna or Elsa doll to their base to observe easy ice-skating action. Children simply roll the dolls forward to watch their legs and arms move gracefully, as if they are skating on real ice. One leg is outstretched to balance on the other leg as Anna and Elsa skate.

The foot which the doll's balance on features a wheel on the ice-skate, which can also be locked into the skating base (which is the shape of a snow flake) to help the doll to skate, although this is not necessary. The dolls features two skating moves: the forward lean and an upright skating position and are able to move rapidly between the two moves

Re-create movie moments

The Disney Frozen ice-skating Anna and Elsa dolls from Mattel bring the movie to life. Children will love re-creating the famous movie scene in which Elsa and Anna skate to celebrate the ending of winter, or they can enjoy making up skating stories from their own imagination.

Outfits inspired by the movie

Anna and Elsa are both prettily dressed in beautiful wintery outfits, these are based on the clothing worn by Elsa and Anna in the hit movie.

Are Ice-Skating Anna and Elsa from Frozen good toys for my child?

If you have a little one who is a fan of the Frozen movie, then you can be sure that they will love playing with these dolls and spending many hours re-creating magical scenes from the movie; especially the moment when Elsa and Anna ice-skate to celebrate the ending of winter. These dolls are great for encouraging imaginative play.

What do other customers think?

The ice-skating Anna and Elsa dolls from Frozen have already a lot of received positive feedback as shown in the review below:

"We started Christmas shopping early this year as our daughter is obsessed with the Frozen film so we got the dolls now as we worried they might sell out before Christmas, especially as so many of the other Frozen toys are so hard to get hold of! These dolls are definitely a must have for all Frozen fans!" Amy, US

In Summary

Following the huge success of the Frozen movie, these dolls are tipped to be a huge bestseller this Christmas. If you know of a young Frozen fan who would love one (or even both) of these dolls, then we would definitely recommend purchasing early!

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