Fisher Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex

What’s cooler than a dinosaur? One that shoots projectiles out of its mouth of course! The Fisher Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex is hands down one of the most fun toys around. At a monstrous 2 1/2 feet and with realistic sound effects to match, this toy is sure to keep your little one captivated for ages.

Imaginext Ultra T-Rex image

What Are the Main Features of the Ultra T-Rex

  • Walks forward while letting out a realistic roar.
  • Rises to 2 1/2 feet as LEDs light up in its eyes and spikes.
  • Opens and closes mouth and fires projectiles from it.
  • Launches boulders from chest and has a projectile claw.
  • Comes with 3 miniature figures, 4 boulders, 4 projectiles and other accessories.

Let’s Take a Closer Look

Walks Forward While Roaring

One of the coolest features of the Imaginext T-Rex has to be its amazing motion, which is assisted by a set of wheels. By turning a power pad located behind the tail, the dinosaur advances 4 steps forward while letting out a blood-curdling roar. Okay, at least blood-curdling enough to have your 7-year-old jumping in glee.

Rises Up with Dazing Lighting Effects

The Ultra T-Rex is no small toy. At 2 1/2 feet, it’s definitely imposing enough to mesmerize your little one. And by turning the pad above the left hip, it rises to its full height as LEDs light up the eyes and spikes. This might be a bit intimidating for the really young ones at first, but that initial fear quickly turns into sheer excitement.

Opens and Closes Mouth

And what’s a T-Rex without those ferocious jaws? By simply turning the third pad, the jaws smoothly open and close, which is sure to elicit some delighted shrieks. And that’s not all. The Fisher Price Ultra T-Rex comes with 4 projectiles, which you can fire right out of the mouth.

Comes With a Ton of Fun Accessories

This toy is designed to be as interactive as possible and comes packed with quite a bit. There are 3 miniature tribal warriors that can be accessorized with a glider or helmet. Enemies can be placed inside a jail built into the dinosaur. And boulders can even be fired straight out the dino’s chest!

Is The Imaginext Ultra T-Rex a Good Choice For My Child?

Certainly. The hugest draw of the T-Rex is its unparalleled interactive quality. Most kids get excited over a toy for the first few days then it’s thrown into the 'I’m over it’ pile. But due to all the fun things you can do with toy, your child is sure to be transfixed on it for a while to come.

What Do Others Think About the Fisher Price Ultra T-Rex?

Almost everyone is blown away by how their little ones interact with this imposing dino. Although some have noted that the tiny accessories might not be fit for very young children.

Here’s what one customer on Amazon had to say:

“This toy is a home run if your kid is into dinosaurs. The premise is simple - it is walking, roaring, moving dinosaur, basically a mecha T-rex. There are a ton of different controls and levers to work, and the dinosaurs will move, make loud noises, and shoot fake rocks. Basically it is a lot of fun and can be creatively part of a lot of play scenarios. Of special note are the numerous little hidden features and levers to really let this dinosaur move and interact. Do note, the legs are a bit difficult to attach properly, but not impossible once you get the hang of it.”

In Summary

A toy that can capture your child’s imagination and foster creativity is always a plus. And the Fisher Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex does this beautifully. It might seem a bit complex and intricate at first, but this is exactly why your little one will be so fascinated by it.

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