Interactive Tracy Island

5. 4. 3. 2. 1... Thunderbirds are go! Yes, this classic TV show made something of a comeback this year, with a brand new television series featuring all of your favorite characters.

But the resurgence in the franchise's popularity has spawned brand new merchandise for 2015, including this - an interactive Tracy Island which will delight any fan of the show this Christmas. Expect this to be a huge seller this festive season!

What are the main features of the Tracey Island Thunderbirds Toy?

  • Uses smart technology to recreate launch sequences
  • Children can take command of the Thunderbird fleet
  • Children can perform their own experiments in Brain's Laboratory
  • Batteries included with the product - saving you money

Let's take a closer look...

Smart technology to recreate launch sequences

Unlike previous versions of Tracy Island, this brand new and updated version uses smart technology to recreate famous launch sequences. Children will be able to replicate scenes from the movie in the comfort of their own bedrooms and jump into the world of Thunderbirds Are Go!

Children can take command of the Thunderbird fleet

Are your kids a fan of Thunderbirds? Well, now they can take command of the Thunderbird fleet and become an International Rescue Communicator! It's simple - children can guide vehicles and become one of the team. The Tracy Island toy comes with over 40 rescue and action sounds which are similar to those that you might hear in the TV show.

Children can perform their own experiments in Brain's Laboratory

Just like in the TV show, children can perform their own experiments in Brain's Laboratory. There's even a moveable pool, and palm trees will move back to welcome Thunderbird 2. When children flick a switch, they can launch Thunderbird 1 and 3, and there are plenty of lights and noises to make this interactive experience even more realistic.

Is Interactive Tracy Island a good choice for my child?

If your child is a fan of the new Thunderbirds series, they'll love this realistic-looking playset which uses the latest in smart technology to create those famous launch sequences that you've seen throughout the years in various forms.

Whether it was the original TV series, the subsequent movies, or the rebooted TV show, Tracy Island has remained an iconic component of the show, and your children can now own their own miniature version this Christmas.

This is a great gift for ages three and up, although older children might enjoy it to. The new Tracy Island is sure to become a collectible item in the future. Vehicles are not included with the product.

What do other think about Thunderbirds Tracy Island Toy?

Although we expect Interactive Tracy Island to be one of the biggest toys this Christmas, the product is brand new so there are no reviews on at the moment.


Yes, Thunderbirds are back for 2015! The classic TV show made its comeback with a brand new series, and once again, Tracy Island is at the top of many Christmas wishlists.

Tracy Island was one of the most popular toys back in 1993, and expect there to be a huge rush this year. This latest version utilizes the latest in smart technology to recreate iconic launch sequences from the movie. But that's not all. There are lights and a wide range of sound effects that will keep any Thunderbirds fan happy.

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