Kinetic Sand: Imaginative and Fun Distraction for young Kids

Wacky-tivities have released yet another out-of-the-box gift concept for children aged three and above. The box of tricks selling as Kinetic Energy will transform playtime to endless hours of fun and creativity.

Kinetic Sand Image

As there are virtually limitless concepts your child can create and recreate with the easily moldable sand, this may as well be the only toy in their collection which will never bore them. Better still, it is virtually indestructible!

Wacky-tivities Kinetic Sand's Main Features

  • Sticky and moldable sand
  • Packaged in re-sealable container
  • For children aged 3 years and above
  • Clean and totally safe
  • Choice of three different colors
  • Includes free sandbox and molds

Let's Take a Closer Look at these Features

Sticky but Clean Moldable Sand

Wacky-tivities' Kinetic Sand is the ultimate Christmas toy idea for kids 3 years and over. It is a gift that gives your kid the freedom to exercise their creativity and do it using the safest, most malleable of substances: kinetic sand! Kinetic sand has a vast difference compared to normal sand or molding clay.

The grains of sand stick to each other but not to your hands. This means your child will always have their hands clean, no matter how much they play. Each pack comes with 450 grams of the kinetic sand in a re-sealable container.

After play, get everything tidy in readiness for the next play session. As the sand grains stick to each other, there is minimal risk of spillage.

Includes Free Sandbox and Molds

The shipping box includes everything your child needs to start playing. It comes with a free sandbox that is big enough to hold all the sand and allow your child to engage in imaginative creations. There are also 4 distinctive plastic molds to help the child recreate evocative shapes: a fantasy sand castle, a turtle, a seahorse and a fish.

Completely Safe for Kids Aged 3 Years and Above

Though you still need to remind your child not to eat the sand, it is made from a material that is fully safe. The sand grains are completely casein and gluten free. To guarantee suitability of challenge and to avoid any risks of ingestion, restrict use to kids aged three years and above.

Choose from 3 Different Colors

Does your kid have a favorite color? Order your play kit in a color they adore. Choose from Green, Blue, Purple and pink. The sand grains are in brilliant hues and children will love to use them in creating stunning reproductions of items and animals they love.

Is Kinetic Sand a Good Choice for my Child?

Wacky-tivities is a company with a well established pedigree in developing imaginative as well as age-suitable toys and puzzles. Their range of toys and playthings represent a fresh out-of-the-box thinking in kids' gift ideas.

Kinetic Sand is not only a mentally stimulating game but it is also one of the safest concepts for children aged three years and above. I highly recommend it as it has potential of providing endless hours of fun with plenty of opportunity for the parent to join in without impinging on how your child learns.

What do Others Think About Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand is a very popular Christmas toy concept and it is understandable that many parents have tried it and found it very enriching for their children. There are glowing reviews on popular online stores as well as specialty websites dealing with kid's products. Here is a pick of some firsthand impressions from verified customers:

"It is all that Wacky-tivities claims it to be. It is fun and easy to clean. My daughter absolutely loves it"

"This is really cool. My 4 year old plays with it over and over every day. My 9 year old, who is sadly done with most toys, enjoys it a great deal too. Thanks Wacky-tivities"

"Very calming, I enjoy it as much as my grandchildren ;)"

In Summary

Wacky-tivities' Kinetic Sand pretty much ticks all the boxes when it comes to original kids gift ideas for young children. It is a hugely imaginative feat how the company has managed to create a toy that is both entirely destructible and at the same time, totally safe as well as fun inducing.

It is the perfect antidote for calming kids down when they reach that hyperactive age. For an affordable, kids' Christmas gift idea that keeps on giving, this is as good as it gets!

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