LeapPad Platinum

If you're child's into technology, the Leappad Platinum will become their first digital companion. This super-fast, feature-heavy, seven-inch tablet has a powerful processor, unique design, and high resolution screen - providing your child with hours of enjoyment.

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Just like a "grown up" tablet, the Leappad Platinum will let them download the latest apps, play games, and take photos. But if you're worried about their safety online, you'll be able to customize parent controls and restrict their usage.

What are the main features on the Platinum from Leappad?

  • Parent controls
  • Music player
  • Front and back camera
  • Imagicard

Let's take a closer look...

Parent controls

Worried about what your child might be looking at online? Don't panic! The Platinum from Leappad has all the parental controls you need, so you'll be able to customize and control exactly what your child is doing on their device. Increase security, restrict certain websites, enable password-protection - the choice is completely yours!

Music player

The music player that comes with the device is easy-to-use and sounds great! Your child can connect their earphones, download the latest tracks and listen to their favorite artists. They'll be able to create their own music playlists and discover brand new genres.

Front and back camera

Is your child a budding photographer? Well now they can snap away with not one, but two different cameras on the device. Cameras are located at the front and back of the tablet - ideal for young ones who want to capture the latest action or take photos of their friends or pets. There's plenty of storage space on the tablet to keep photos too!


The Leappad Platinum is the latest in a long line of tablets manufactured by LeapFrog, and this particular model is jam-packed with the latest features. One of the new additions is a new digital learning experience called Imagicard, which brings learning to life. There are 30 interactive collectible cards and children can play the latest LeapFrog games from their device.

Is Leappad Platinum a good choice for my child?

If you're looking for a child's tablet that YOU can control, the Leappad Platinum ticks every box. There's plenty on here for your child to do, including games, music, and learning experiences. In fact, there are over 500 videos, eBooks and games available at the LeapFrog store - providing your child with hours of enjoyment. Expect this to be one of the most popular gifts for kids this Christmas!

What are others saying about the LeapFrog Platinum children's tablet?

The product has been rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon.com, based on 18 customer ratings. One reviewer describes the tablet as being "more than a toy", and an "interactive learning system".


Children will love this tablet. The Just For Me learning system for example will personalize games in different ways, and will adjust learning levels accordingly.

The tablet comes with a five-hour battery life, high resolution, and a shatter-safe screen - perfect for accident-prone children!

There's even a bumper that stretches right around the tablet for additional protection. If you want to control what your child does on the device without compromising the features available, the Leappad Platinum is the ideal tablet for any child this Christmas.

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