Leapfrog LeapTV

Leapfrog LeapTV

The Leapfrog LeapTV is an interactive video games system that has been designed exclusively for young children.

It has a simple interface that allows children to navigate around the system on their own. Audio instructions making it easy for those who cannot yet read to follow along.

What are the main features of the Leapfrog LeapTV?

  • Game controller offers three ways to play; body motion, pointer play and classic controller
  • Controller easily converts into a wand or a pointer for different games
  • Motion sensing camera to detect children's movements
  • Includes a console stand, camera mount, HDMI cable, AC power adaptor and a wrist strap for use with the controller
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for connecting to the internet 
  • 16GB of storage
  • Includes eight games
  • Over 100 games and videos available
  • Aimed at children aged 3-8 years old

Let's take a closer look

Designed for young children

The Leapfrog LeapTV has been designed for young children to use. The controller is ergonomically designed to suit small hands and the motion sensing camera is designed to respond to children's movements.

Three ways to play

There are three different ways to play the Leapfrog LeapTV. The body motion mode allows children to become the star of their own game as it captures their movements and places them into the game so they can see themselves on the television. This mode encourages children to get active as well as take control of the on-screen action. With a simple twist the controller can be converted to pointer play mode which enables children to move using the controller as a pointer for motion-controlled fun such as swinging from buildings. The classic controller mode enables children to press the A and B buttons or tilt and shake the controller for fast-paced game play.

Enables children to learn through play

The Leapfrog LeapTV features age appropriate play with child friendly themes and play patterns to keep young minds engaged and active. Games encourage children to get off the sofa and be active. Games also adapt to the learning level of each child, ensuring that they are continuously challenged.

Is the Leapfrog LeapTV a good toy for my child?

The Leapfrog LeapTV is an excellent toy that is not only fun but also provides a range of age appropriate game play while also developing a range of educational skills. There are many games available that teach science, maths, reading as well as other life skills such as problem solving. As well as this, active gaming encourages children to be move around while also developing skills such as hand and eye co-ordination.

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What do other customers think?

The Leapfrog LeapTV is due to be released in October in time for Christmas. This means there aren't yet any customer reviews available; but we will be sure to update you as soon as there are.

In Summary

The Leapfrog LeapTV promises to be a huge hit this Christmas as it is the first games console that has been designed exclusively for younger children. It has been tipped to be a bestseller so we would advise ordering and purchasing early to avoid disappointment.

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