Lego City Deep Sea Exploration Vessel

In this new set of Lego bricks, a shipwreck filled with gold bars has been found at the bottom of the ocean. Prepare yourself and hop on the Lego City Exploration Vessel to lurk in the deep seas in search for the prized treasure. Enjoy the ocean with new equipment and cool deep-sea suits. But watch out - deadly sharks and octopuses are around every corner, ready to strike at any moment! Watch your children indulge in building and playing with the fun new Exploration Vessel set.

Lego City Deep Sea Vessel

What Are The Main Features of the Deep Sea Vessel?

  • Seven minifigures with accessories. Included in the box is two crew members, four scuba divers, and a deep-sea diver.
  • Instructions and bricks are included to assemble an exploration vessel, submarine with a domed cockpit, a scuba "scooter," remote submarine, seaweed, an octopus, three sharks and a swordfish, a shark cage, and a shipwreck with a collapsing doorway.
  • The exploration vessel includes four accessories including a working winch, a wheelhouse, a life boat and below-deck cabins.
  • The Lego minifigures can handle one of the possible accessories: walkie-talkie, two mugs, a life preserver, welder, binoculars, sixteen gold bars, and two boxes.
  • The vessel is 19 centimeters high and 31 centimeters long!
  • The shipwreck measures 13 centimeters high and 28 centimeters long!
  • The scuba scooter is 3 centimeters high and 9 centimeters long!
  • A shark-observing cage is included and fits a minifigure.

Let's Take A Closer Look

Seven Lego Minifigures With Accessories

Seven figures ensures that children will have a great time playing with the set. Your child can choose to control anyone he or she wants to, and pilot the job of a Lego City crew member, scuba diver, and a deep-sea diver. The accessories are fun, as your child can customize and switch Lego minifigures to create their own story!

Instructions and Many Pieces

Many structures can be built using the bricks. With instructions included, your child can choose to build the ships on the box, or build anything that their heart desires. There is no limit to what the next adventure will be!

Four Vessel Accessories

See the awesome mechanics of the Lego City Deep-Sea set in action with the moving parts. Children can put sharks or minifigures anywhere on the boat, and even in the cabins!

Fun Extra Vessels

Watch your children disperse the minifigures throughout the "sea" (also known as the carpet) with the fun extras. One minifigure can fit in each of the shark cage, remote submarine, scuba scooter, and the domed submarine!

Is The Lego City Deep Sea Exploration Vessel a Good Choice for My Child?

For many generations, Legos have encouraged the intelligence and imagination of children. While the sets have increased in complexity, the concept still stays the same. This toy is good for children ages 8 and up; and it may be difficult for you to resist joining in as well!

What Do Others Think About The Deep Sea Vessel?

Here is what user rgentry10 has to say about this Lego set:

"I love the yellow submersibles and all the sharks - and I love the black and red divers! The shipwreck is well crafted and the boat is a lot of fun to put together...LEGO kept some of the best elements from the old sets from 1997 and made a great new one. It is an expensive set, but I have not had one moment of buyer's remorse. Highly recommend!"

In Summary

The Lego City Deep Sea set is the hottest new toy for Christmas. With all of the fun features, your children will love playing with the brand that has been encouraging hands-on activity and strong imaginations. The Lego City Deep Sea Exploration Vessel is a MUST for the kiddo who loves building things with his own mind and hands!

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