Little People Fun Sounds Farm

The Little People Fun Sounds Farm by Fisher Price is a farm play set that is the perfect size for little hands to explore. Farmer Eddie and his animals will provide your little one with endless play opportunities. They can enjoy opening and closing the barn doors, joining in with the sing-along songs and laughing at the funny animal sounds.

What are the main features of the Little People Fun Sounds Farm?

  • Farm play set includes a two-level barn with chicken; a drop through silo with a slide, Farmer Eddie, horse, cow and sheep figures; a hay bale, 3 fence pieces and a gate and much more
  • All play pieces can be stored inside the silo
  • Includes realistic animal sounds and sing-along songs
  • Different song modes available for daytime and night time on the farm
  • An on/off switch gives parents the control to turn off the sound when playtime is finished
  • 2 x AA batteries are required 
  • Suitable for children aged 18 months - 2 years

Let's take a closer look

The Little People Fun Sounds Farm gives young children the opportunity to have fun while also developing their imaginations and practising their motor skills.

Learn about life on a busy farm

With the Fun Sounds Farm children can experience what life is like on a real farm. They can help Farmer Eddie to take care of his animals and join in with animal feeding by helping to bring the horse to the corral and the cow to the barn. Children can entertain themselves for hours as they role play different scenes on the farm.

Interactive play

There's plenty of activities for children to discover and interact with. They can make the barn doors open and close to realistic animal sounds (moo, baaa and neigh).

Sing-along songs

Children can learn to easily twist the dial above the barn door to hear one of eight sing-along songs about daytime life on the farm. Some of the songs and sounds also describe what night time is like on the farm

What's included?

The play set includes a two-level barn with a chicken and plenty of play space for the farm animals. The side of the barn features a peek-a-boo game for children to enjoy. There is also a silo which children can learn to drop animals through and open the sliding door to get them. The play set also includes Farmer Eddie, horse, cow and sheep figures which are the perfect size for little hands to hold and move around where they choose. There is a hay bale which children can learn to drop through the silo. There are also three easy to connect fence pieces which allow children to build their own corral or fence to link to other Little People play sets.

Is the Little People Fun Sounds Farm a good toy for my child?

The Little People Fun Sounds Fun Sounds Farm is an excellent play set for encouraging learning through fun play. There are lots of sounds and songs to capture the attention of toddlers and preschoolers. Listed below are some reasons why this play would make a great toy for your child.

Helps to develop young imaginations

The variety of activities, songs and sounds all help to encourage a child's early imaginative skills about life on a farm. As well as this, songs and sounds in a different mode help children to understand what night time on a farm is like.

Helps to develop fine motor skills

Playing with the farm play set helps children to develop their fine motor skills; as an example, moving the figures around the farm helps to encourage grasping skills.

Helps to develop discovery skills

Toddlers soon learn to open and shut doors to listen to animal sounds, in doing this they’re learning about life on the farm and how their actions can cause things to happen.

What do other customers think?

There has been lots of positive feedback from customers about the Little People Fun Sounds Farm, including the following:

"I purchased the Fun Sounds Farm for my son's 2nd Birthday. I chose it as my son loves animals. I couldn't be happier with my decision as my son loves playing with all the animals!" Jackie, US

In Summary

The Little People Fun Sounds Farm is a great play set designed to engage children in hours of fun and developmental role-play. We think this toy  is going to be a big hit this Christmas.

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