Fisher Price Little People Zoo

The Little People Talkers Animals Sounds Zoo from Fischer Price is an excellent gift for your young toddler or child under six. It mirrors a real zoo with the appropriate habitats and animals. Children learn by hearing the names of animals as well as the sounds that each animal makes. It’s a great learning tool and great fun for both young children and parents.

Little People Zoo image

What are the Main Features of the Little People Zoo? :

  • - Recommended age range: 1 year to 6 years
  • - 4 different animal habits
  • - 3 animals and zookeeper included
  • - Animals make real unique sounds
  • - Over 30+ other animals to collect (sold separately)
  • - Great addition to the Little People collection

Let's take a closer look:

Animal Habits:

The zoo incorporates 4 unique habits to explore. There’s an icy region where penguins and polar bears can sit or slide down the icy slope. Underneath the slope is a red platform where you can place an animal.

When you press on the platform, a woman's voice will say random things about the zoo such as, "The animals are tired." The slide ends below in a water region where a hippo peeks above the water. Pressing on the lily pad in the pond makes a watery sound and the hippo will open its mouth.

There’s also a jungle with a swinging green basket for monkeys and a grassland area for the wild to run.

Animals Make Sounds:

There’s a red button on the grasslands where each animal can be placed. As soon as you push the animal down on the button, it immediately states its name. If you push again, the animal will make its natural sound.

Collect Them All:

The set comes with 3 animals: lion, polar bear, and gorilla. What makes this toy more fun is the ability to collect more animals. There are over 30 different animals to add such as the tiger, camel, elephant and many more. You can even collect families of animals. For example, you can purchase the lion family with the male, female and cub.

Little People Collection:

The Little People Zoo Truck is a great compliment that you can also add to this set. Zookeeper Zack can sit in the front and transport the animals. If your child is already a Little People lover, this Zoo is a great addition to the Little People family of toys. Collect the farm, the princess castle, house and others to make up an entire city.

Is the Animal Sounds Zoo a good choice for my child?

This Little People Zoo will enhance your child’s knowledge, motor skills and creativity. It will teach them appreciate nature and grow to love animals. It’s a great choice for parents who want to expose their children to the wild in a safe environment.

What do Others think about the Little People Animal Talking Zoo?:

Both parents and children love this zoo. Here are what some of them are saying on Amazon:

“Bigger than I thought it would be!”

“Never disappointed with Little People!”

“Provides years of fun!”

In Summary:

Start your early child’s education the right way by giving them the chance to explore different environments and species. The Fisher Price Little People Zoo opens their eyes to new worlds and induces their curious minds. It’s a great opportunity for parents to start conversation with their children as they learn about the animals. Get one for your home today.

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