Minions Pie Face

The Pie Face is an exciting and suspense-filled minion-themed game from Hasbro. To play it, you place your head on a chin rest and put whipped cream or a wet sponge on the pie thrower. Then, you turn the handles causing the arm to spatter whipped pie on your face.


Minions Pie Face Image

The thrill of playing the game lies in the fact that you never know when the pie thrower will go off. Therefore, all you can do is cross your fingers as you spin the handles, and hope you do not get a splat on the face. Each turn you manage to make a spin without getting pie-faced, you earn a point. Whoever gets 25 points first, wins. 

What are the Main features of the Pie Face?

The game comes packed with exciting features all of which makes it fun and hilarious. They include;

  • A pie thrower
  • The throwing arm
  • A chin rest
  • A splash guard mask
  • 2 handles
  • A spinner
  • A wet sponge

Let’s take a closer look at the top features of the Minions Face Pie throwing game

The Chin Rest

The Chin rest plays two primary functions. For starters, it offers support to your head so that you do not strain when you are on a winning streak of turning the Pie Thrower without getting a facial splat. Secondly, it helps to hold your face in the right position to receive a whipped cream smacking.

A Pie thrower and throwing arm

The Pie Thrower is what holds the whipped cream or wet sponge in place, waiting for the Throwing Arm to build enough tension for throwing the cream onto the player’s face. On its part, the Throwing Arm is what propels the Pie Thrower to hurl the cream or sponge towards the player. 

Splash Guard Mask

Although the pie throwing game is relatively harmless, there is no harm in taking a little precaution. After all, the game is meant to be fun and enjoyable. The Splash Guard Mask offers some form of protection to the eyes and face. 

Two handles and a spinner

The spinner helps to determine the number of times a player is to turn the handles, while the handles contribute to triggering the mechanism which throws the whipped cream or sponge. The more times a player turns the handles, the more the throwing arm’s tension builds up.

Is the Hasbro Pie Game a good choice for my child?

Yes, the Pie Face Minion game is an excellent Christmas or birthday gift choice for your kid. Besides being safe and comfortable to play, it gives your child and his or her friends countless hours of delicious fun. Moreover, even though the game is suitable for children from five years old, nothing stops you, your family members and friends from joining in on the fun. 

What do others think about the Face Pie Spatting game?

Pie in the Face is the Best!

By Scott Aruda on June 21, 2016

I bought my son the game for his birthday, and he LOVES it when his dad gets pelted with whipped cream. I do not mind the mess because the belly laughs I hear from him are worth it. He also laughs just as hard when his little face gets splatted. 

In Summary

The Despicable Me Minions Pie Face Game is an excellent gift for your child this Christmas. Let him or her wake up on Christmas day and find the Pie Face under the Christmas tree, and watch him or her transform the home with infectious laughter.

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