Minions Tumbling Stuart

Without a shadow of a doubt, it's the must-see movie of 2015. Minions - the eagerly anticipated prequel to Despicable Me - has delighted young audiences around the world, and spawned a whole load of new merchandise in time for Christmas.

Minions Tumbling Stuart Toy

But it's the Minions Tumbling Stewart that's one of the hottest toys this year. Measuring just 23 cm - and featuring Stuart's trademark grin - this toy is a must-have for ages four and up.

Guaranteed to provide hours of enjoyment for little ones (and a few older ones too!), Stuart can talk, laugh, and even fall flat on the floor.

What are the main features of Tumbling Stewart Minions toy?

  • Comes with plastic eyes, goggles, and feet
  • Stuart can fall forwards and backwards but still make it back on his feet
  • Soft, comfortable body
  • Has talkback features with special FX
  • Requires 6 AA batteries - included with product

Let's take a closer look...

Plastic eyes, googles, and feet

The first you'll notice about the toy is how similar it is to Stuart from the Despicable Me franchise. All the intricate details are here, including Stuart's shoes and gloves. He even has hair on his head! His eyes, goggles, and feet are plastic, which help Stuart to stand up straight (when he's not tumbling over!).

Stuart falls backwards and forwards

One of the best features of the toy is that Stuart tumbles and rises again. Just press the button on the top of his head to see him fall down and get back up! His arms even move as he tumbles - providing loads of laughs.

Soft comfortable body

Yes, Stuart is yellow - bright yellow! But he's also really soft and comfortable, making this a great toy for younger children. Perfect for hugs and kisses, Stuart is made from a plush material.

Special FX talkback features

You'll hear Stuart's real voice (the same one used in the movies) reciting popular phases and sounds that you've seen on the big screen. You'll even hear funny fart sounds! But that's not all - Stuart can respond to your voice in his original movie voice. So, what are you waiting for? Ask Stuart a question and wait for a response!

Is Minions Tumbling Stuart a good choice for my child?

If your child is a fan of the first two Despicable Me movies and the latest Minions movie, they will love this cute, comforting, interactive toy. Every time Stuart falls forward and back in a silly motion, it's sure to raise a smile or make your child laugh.

What do others think about Stuart Minions toy?

The toy currently has a ranking of 5 out of 5 on, with the user Ruthann C having purchased the item. Rating the toy 5/5, they state that the product is a "great gift for a boy or girl".


Let's face it: the Minions are hot property at the moment, and their movie is one of the biggest of the year. This Stuart toy is going to become one of the most sought-after gifts this Christmas for young boys and girls alike, and is guaranteed to provide plenty of enjoyment. Children will be able to watch Stuart tumble and interact with him in his real movie voice.

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