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Monopoly Empire by Hasbro

The classic game of Monopoly has always been a game that the whole family can enjoy. The game continues to evolve and this year, toy manufacturers Hasbro have released a new version with a twist. In this new version of the game, play is similar to the classic Monopoly game only players buy and sell the world's favourite brands instead of London locations!

What are the main features of Monopoly Empire?

  • Players can buy and sell 22 of the world's top brands
  • 6 new and unique  branded tokens
  • Game is fast and fun 
  • For 2-4 players
  • Suitable for children aged 8 and over
  • Players make their way around the board buying their favourite brands and adding billboards to their Empire tower
  • Players collect rent from their opponents based on their Empire tower and the first to complete their Empire tower wins the game!
  • Monopoly Empire game includes: game board, 6 new branded tokens, 4 empire towers, 30 billboard tiles, 6 office tiles, 14 chance and 14 empire cards, Monopoly money, 2 dice and instructions

Let's take a closer look

Players of the new Monopoly Empire game can now experience the popular property trading game in an exciting new way.

A quick rundown on how to play the game

Each player chooses one of the branded tokens and then begins to move around the board. As they move, players can choose to buy their favorite brands when they land on the brand spaces. These brands are purchased as billboards which are then slid into their Empire tower. The winning player is the one who fills their Empire tower with billboards first.

Players also collect rent from their rivals based on their Empire tower height and every time they pass go, they can collect the current value of their tower (so every brand they buy will make them richer). To add further excitement, players can also buy, trade and take over opponent's brands with the Empire cards.

Players can buy the world's biggest brands

One of the most exciting parts of the new Monopoly Empire game, is that players can buy some of the biggest brands in the world! Every space on the board is filled with a well known brand, including Coca-Cola, Xbox, McDonald's and Samsung.

Six new and unique branded tokens

This new version of Monopoly features six golden tokens which have been designed to reflect the world's top brands. These new tokens are a bottle of Coca Cola, Xbox controller, McDonald's fries, Corvette car, Ducati bike and a Paramount director's board.

Is Monopoly Empire a good game for my child?

Monopoly Empire is a fun game that the whole family can enjoy. It encourages children to interact with family and friends and to make their own decisions to win the game.

What do other customers think?

There has been lots of positive feedback from customers about the Monopoly Empire game, including the following:

"I have played most of the different versions of Monopoly that have been released in recent years but I think this one is the best yet. Hasbro have made some changes to the game so that it still feels like the original, but is now more fun and interesting. Thankfully, Monopoly games that go on for hours are a thing of the past and new versions last about an hour or less, which is just right for everyone's attention span! Well worth every penny." Samantha, UK

In Summary

Monopoly Empire is an exciting and fun new version of classic Monopoly game. We think families everywhere will be competing against one another on Christmas day to see who can build their Empire Tower first and win the game!

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